Minister of Manpower Calls JKP a Kick to Reduce the Anxiety of Layoff Victims

Jakarta, IDN Times – The Minister of Manpower (Menaker) Ida Fauziyah said the Job Loss Guarantee (JKP) program provides a number of benefits for victims of termination of employment (PHK).

Starting from cash, access to job market information, to job training. According to Ida, this benefit can reduce the anxiety of the layoff victims.

“We, the government, want to reduce the anxiety of friends who have been laid off with the Job Loss Guarantee program,” said Ida, quoted from the official statement from the Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker), Friday (11/3/2022).

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1. BPJS Employment participants do not need to pay JKP contributions

Minister of Manpower Calls JKP a Kick to Reduce the Anxiety of Layoff Victims illustration of BPJS Employment (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

Ida also said that BPJS Employment participants did not need to pay JKP contributions per month. This is because the government has paid the fees. The amount of JKP contributions is 0.46 percent of wages.

Ida said the government had submitted initial funds for the program amounting to Rp. 6 trillion and Rp. 823 billion to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.

“So, we, the government, do not charge new fees,” said Ida.

2. The Minister of Manpower reminds employers that layoffs are still a last resort

Minister of Manpower Calls JKP a Kick to Reduce the Anxiety of Layoff Victims Illustration of layoffs. (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

For the presence of this JKP program, Ida reminded employers to keep making layoffs as a last resort. In this case, he asked JKP not to be used as an excuse for arbitrary layoffs.

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“Just because there was a JKP program, then layoffs were carried out. I really hope that layoffs are the last option,” said Ida.

Not only that, he reminded employers who were laid off still required to pay severance pay to employees affected by layoffs. This is because JKP does not cover the entrepreneur’s obligations.

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3. Benefits of the JKP program

Minister of Manpower Calls JKP a Kick to Reduce the Anxiety of Layoff Victims Illustration of Giving and Receiving Money. (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

Quoted from the official BPJS Employment website, there are three benefits to the JKP program.

Firstbenefits in the form of cash received by participants every month for a maximum of 6 months, after workers who have been laid off are verified by BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and qualify as JKP beneficiaries.

The benefits provided are 45 percent of wages for 3 months, and for the next 3 months the benefits are 25 percent of wages.

The wages used are the last reported wages. However, the nominal wage that will be calculated or formulated in the JKP cash benefits is limited to only IDR 5 million. Thus, if the last salary of a layoff victim is Rp. 6 million, then the nominal used to calculate the JKP cash benefits is only Rp. 5 million.

As a simulation, layoff victims will receive JKP cash benefits of IDR 2.25 million every month for the first 3 months. Then, in the next 3 months, the benefits obtained are worth Rp. 1.25 million. Thus, the layoff victim gets a benefit of Rp6.75 million in the first 3 months, Rp3.75 million in the following 3 months. The total benefit obtained is Rp. 10.5 million.

Benefit second is access to job information consisting of job market information services and/or job guidance, in the form of self-assessment/assessment and career counseling.

Third, work competency-based job training. Job Training is conducted through a government, private, or company-owned Job Training Institute (can be held online and/or offline).