MLBB vs Reality Challenge Event, Get a Total Prize of Hundreds of Million Rupiah

Mobile Legend has become one of the most popular battleroyale games. There is always a new event held by this game to increase the enthusiasm of the players.

The latest event in Mobile Legend is MLBB vs Reality. This MLBB vs Reality event is very famous because it offers a fairly large prize. What is MLBB vs Reality and how do I join the event? Check this out.

Getting to Know About MLBB vs Reality Events

MLBB vs Reality is an event held for Mobile Legend creators on TikTok. Through this MLBB vs Reality event, you can upload videos related to the Mobile Legend game. Later, several people will be chosen as winners and can get prizes from Mobile Legend.

MLBB vs. Reality Event Prizes

For you creators of the Mobile Legend game, you must try to join the MLBB vs Reality event. The prizes provided by Mobile Legend are very large, in total it can be 286 million rupiah.

If you become the creator with the most views in this MLBB vs Reality event, then you will get a total prize of 28,684,000 rupiah.

Of course, not only top views will get prizes. Another 10,000 videos will also get cash prizes. In detail, the following are the details of the prizes that will be received by the winners:

  • The main winner will get 2000 dollars or the equivalent of 29 million rupiah.
  • The second and third winners will get 1000 dollars or 14 million rupiah.
  • Winners four to ten will get 500 dollars or 7.2 million rupiah.
  • The eleventh to fifty winners will get 100 dollars or 1.4 million rupiah.
  • The fifty-first to 100th winners will get 50 dollars or 720 thousand rupiah.
  • One hundred one to ten thousand winners will get 1 dollar or 14 thousand rupiah.

When will the MLBB vs Reality Event Start?

This MLBB vs Reality event has started since March 11, 2022 and will end on March 20, 2022.

Make sure you have prepared and uploaded the best Mobile Legend content you have.

In order to qualify for the applicable terms and conditions, you must create content that is truly related to the Mobile Legend game.

How to Participate in MLBB vs Reality Events

You must be looking forward to trying this MLBB vs Reality event. If you’re still confused about how to take part in this MLBB vs Reality event, here’s how to take part in the MLBB vs Reality event:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your phone, make sure you’ve updated the app to the latest version.
  2. Click the find menu and then type the keyword ‘MLBB vs Reality’.
  3. Click on the MLBB vs Reality Challenge event banner.
  4. Click the join button and upload the video you have prepared.
  5. In the caption section, add the hashtag #MLBBReality.
  6. Upload and post videos.

If the video has actually been posted, then you are officially a part of this MLBB vs Reality challenge. You can participate in this event with a maximum of 3 videos. Pray that your video can get a lot of views.

Well, now you know about the MLBB vs Reality event. Don’t waste this opportunity, immediately try to join the MLBB vs Reality event and win the prize. Good luck.