Moko Hills Breeze Bandung: HTM and Location

Like to see natural scenery? like watching the sunset? and you are in Bandung? Must visit Moko Hill Bandung

Opening hours:10:00-20:00 WIB
Ticket price: Rp. 8.000
Contact: There is not any
Lodging: Use your own camping tent
Address:Cimenyan, Bandung, West Java 40197

Moko Hill Bandung

Moko Hill Bandung – For those of you who are on an old date but want a cheap holiday, cool a confused mood or just refresh your eyes. Come on, prepare your warm clothes and immediately head to the north of Bandung, to be precise in Buntis Bongkor village, Cimenyan, Bandung.

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There is a tourist area of ​​​​Moko Hill which is at the top of a hilltop full of pine forests and highlands that offer views of the landscape of the city of Bandung and the expanse of rice fields and green hills below, because this area includes a hill area with an altitude of 1,500 MPL, of course the air is cool, fresh and foggy at night. morning, late afternoon and evening. It’s perfect for those of you who are bored with the hustle and bustle in the middle of the city and want to just indulge yourself and enjoy the cool nature.

How much is the Moko Hill Tour Ticket?

Greeted by a friendly ticket officer, you only need to pay an entrance ticket of Rp. 15,000 and an additional Rp. 8,000 to climb to the top of the star, the vast shady pine forest is very cool so both adults and small children like it because there is a children’s playground and every visitor will be given a plan so they can choose which location they want to visit first.

The atmosphere here is really cool, even though the cold air doesn’t dampen the large number of tourists who come to clean their lungs from city pollution, have family picnics, enjoy relaxing on a hammock, even this place can be an inspiration to take photos pre-wedding you know.

For those of you who want to enjoy a vacation in Bandung in a different, unique and challenging way, you can camp here, guaranteed to feel like you are climbing a mountain because the location is on a high hill and surrounded by thick pine forests.

Public Facilities You Can Get

The facilities provided in the Bandung tourist area are quite complete, there are bathrooms and prayer rooms, there are also various stalls that provide various menus such as grilled chicken, grilled corn, instant noodles and various fried foods. Also take the time to stop at the Moko shop, this shop is the largest in size so views of the city of Bandung can be enjoyed while accompanied by roasted corn and a cup of coffee, you can linger here until the evening because you will be amazed by the beauty of the city lights of Bandung from above Hill. It’s a really romantic atmosphere.

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For those of you who want to go to Moko Hill, you should use a private vehicle in the form of a motorbike and must be very careful because the road to get there is uphill and up and narrow and steep, the roads are a little rocky requiring you to concentrate even though the scenery around the trip is very stunning, or you can also use motorcycle taxi services available.

Moko Hill Photo Spot Reference Bandung

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For those of you who want to take pictures on the hill, I suggest leaving in the morning, because when it’s noon the weather is difficult to predict, it could be cloudy and foggy.

This is information about Moko Hill Bandung Happy traveling