Money Making Shortlink Sites, Easy Ways to Earn Money From the Internet

JSMedia – The internet does open up opportunities to make money. Starting from selling on linemonetize blogs and channel Youtube, to use apps that bring money. Besides, there is also site shortlink money maker.

Money Making Shortlink Site

Before discussing about any site shortlink that promises income, it’s good to understand the meaning first. Shortlinks literally means short link. One example is

As is link which is shorter, of course, easy to share on social media, because it looks neat and concise. Currently, there are several sites that provide shortening services link while at the same time promising income.

After understanding the meaning, you may be interested in participating in making money from the site shortlink that promises this income, Therefore, here are some of the choices.


First, let’s talk about this relatively new link shortening site. provides shortening service linkwhile promising income for its users.

The fun is, this site promises rewards dollars in high amounts for its users. Just imagine, for 10,000 views (clicks), you can get money worth $ 160. This nominal is equivalent to IDR 2,500,000.

On, earnings withdrawals can start from a nominal three dollars. So, the minimum withdrawal is relatively low, so you can enjoy the results immediately.

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2. My Safelink

The second site that promises money is Safelinkku. Just like the previous site, there are rewards money if many people click link the short. The difference is that the nominal is $5.30 per 1000 views.

On this one site, there are two rate which you can receive, namely for Indonesia is 4.20 dollars. As for US traffic, rateit’s 7.20 dollars. In addition, withdrawals are also not only via PayPal, but also Gopay Funds, Ovo, a minimum of 2 dollars.

4. Shrinkme

Money Making Shortlink Site

Want to get a higher income, which is 22 dollars per 1000 views, choose Shrinkme. However, you must be able to reach overseas traffic, such as Ireland, UK, Australia, and Greenland.

Well, this one does not distinguish the origin of the traffic, making it easier for you to earn income. The amount of the reward is worth $8.50. Withdrawals are also easy, using bank transfers or bitcoins.

On site shortlink money maker In this case, you must be smart in choosing the origin of the traffic. Because, different countries can be different fee-his. For America, the fee you can get is $9.00.


Prefer the results in rupiah? promises payouts worth 100-140 per click. Uniquely, you can make withdrawals from IDR 6000 in the form of credit. As for the transfer, a minimum of IDR 54,500 and $5 for Paypal.

The potential income is IDR 82,000. As for the payment method, you can convert to credit, transfer, or Gopay.

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The minimum withdrawal on this URL shortening site is 3 dollars. So, if you have fulfilled this balance, you can withdraw your income from shortlink via wire transfer, OVO, or Dana.

10. Addival Network

One of the advantages of the site shortlink this is, give fee 8.20 for Indonesian traffic. After reaching 5 dollars, you can withdraw via Paypal, or bank transfer.

Money Making Shortlink Site

As stated above, the advantage of using shortlinks is that links are more concise and look neat when you share them on social media. In addition, it can show who you have clicked on link that.

Unfortunately, there is also a downside, namely fewer clicks, due to decreased trust. In addition, users can switch up to two times, and are prone to wrongly go to link competitor.

That was the explanation and list site shortlink money maker which you can try. This could be another alternative to make money from the internet.