Monster Hunter Progress (PS2-Online): Fun to Follow!

Monster Hunter Online – Who doesn’t know the popular game Monster Hunter? The game, which has grown rapidly in the Asian market in recent years, is arguably once at the peak of popularity that can make you gawk. One of the series, Monster Hunter: World, has even become one of the games made by Capcom with the collaboration of Tencent with the fastest global sales. So, how has Monster Hunter Online and other Monster Hunter series been on the market so far? How is the history and origin of this game about hunting monsters?

Monster Hunter Progress from PS2-Online

The development of Monster Hunter from time to time is indeed interesting to follow. The action of this game, which has many fans, is certainly quite exciting to continue to play on various devices that keep up with the times.

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The first generation

  • Monster Hunter: Released in 2004 for PS2is a Monster Hunter game that first appeared by Capcom.
  • Monster Hunter G: Released in 2005 for the same console, the PS2. The Monster Hunter G game is a development from before with the start of G-rank Quests. Released only in Japan.
  • Monster Hunter Freedom: Released in 2005 for PlayStation Portable (PSP). The gameplay is not much different from Monster Hunter G. It is the first series released on the PSP console. Also known as Monster Hunter Portable.

Second generation

  • Monster Hunter 2: Released in 2006 for PS2 which is the first Monster Hunter series to introduce gems (decoration).
  • Monster Hunter Freedom 2: Released in 2007 for the PSP. Start introducing new weapons namely: Long Sword (A type of long weapon capable of spirit combo), Gunlance (a kind of Lance but can fire unlimited bullets), Hunting Horn (Weapon impact damage which can play certain notes to produce buff-buff specific to player), Bow (Arrows that can shoot different types of arrows combined with coating). This game is also known as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd.
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: Released in 2008 for PSP and 2014 for iOS. Is a second generation Monster Hunter that introduces G-rank quests. Also known as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd-G.

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Third Generation

  • Monster Hunter Tri: Released in 2009 for the Wii. The first Monster Hunter series to introduce the system underwater battle. In this game there is also a first appearance Ax Switch (The weapon is in the form of an ax and can become a sword), and Medium Bowgun (Bowgun customization which can be 3 special parts). However Dual Swords, Gunlance, Bow, Hunting Horn removed.
  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: Released in 2010 for the PSP and in 2011 on PS3. All weapons lost in Monster Hunter Tri were returned, but Medium Bowgun removed. The village inhabited by hunters has an Asian form. This game has HD quality on PS3.
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Released in 2013 for Nintendo 3DS/ Nintendo 2DS and 2013 on Wii U. G-rank, and weapons in MHP3rd still maintained. There are many new monsters and maps in this game series.

Fourth Generation

  • Monster Hunter 4: Released in 2013 for Nintendo 3DS. Several new monsters appeared and this is the latest series in all the current Monster Hunter generations. The series is in Japanese.
  • Monster Hunter 4 G: Is a development of Monster Hunter 4.
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Released in early 2015 on the Nintendo 3DS. It is the same series as Monster Hunter 4, only this series is in English and is played on the Nintendo 3DS region USA.

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Another Monster Hunter series

  • Monster Hunter Frontier Online: Released in 2007 on Microsoft Windows and 2010 on Xbox 360. There is great emphasis on online play in this series.
  • Monster Hunter Online: Released in 2013 to be played on PC. Made using the Cry Engine. And is a form of collaboration between Tencent and Capcom. It is very emphasized also to play online as the name suggests.
  • Monster Hunter: Frontier G: Released in 2013 for PC, Xbox, PS3, and Wii U and 2014 for PS Vita. It is an extension of Monster Hunter Frontier.

Monster Hunter Online Brief Review

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The difference between Monster Hunter Online and Monsters Hunter: World is the year of release and the updates provided. Considering that Monster Hunter Online was first introduced in 2013, it certainly couldn’t be more updated than Monster Hunter: World, which launched in 2018.

However, for 2013 Monster Hunter Online (MHO) has a system gameplay which is quite different from other Monster Hunter games. MHO keep using the system hack’n slash but also adopts an MMORPG style. The hunted monster will have health points (MOBILE PHONE). Every time the hunters beat the monster, the amount of damage received will be shown as in an RPG game. This RPG pattern is also in skills weapon.

In terms of graphics, MHO really deserves two thumbs up. Considering the game released in 2013 and made with CryEngine 3, the MHO graphics display is really good. The monsters that opposing players will look more real and real compared to the previous Monster Hunter series. Even though you still use Mandarin, you really have to try this game.

Monster Hunter: World Quick Review (New Monster Hunter Game)

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As a gamer, the enthusiasm to welcome new games that are launched to the market is never dim. Game Monster Hunter: World seems to be proof of the developer that this game is of top quality for you to play. This is because starting from the concept, gameplay mechanics, to the features offered by the Monster Hunter game this series has been combined perfectly. Even after going through the beta stage three times before the release, the graphics quality and performance improvements can still be seen.

Unmitigated, Capcom also offers several collaboration events with game series such as Mega Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, to Street Fighter V. Although the system is still complex and takes a long time to adjust, Monster Hunter: World is arguably the best and most popular series. suitable to be played by gamers newcomers and veterans though. It was even mentioned earlier that this game is the best selling and fast-selling Monster Hunter series game on the global market.