Month of Ramadan Get BPNT 2022, How to Check List of Recipients of Basic Food Social Assistance Rp 600 Thousand

Month of Ramadan Gets 2022 BPNT

The Ministry of Social Affairs or the Ministry of Social Affairs has conducted socialization and disbursement of the 2022 BPNT. This assistance is specifically for residents in need.

If you do not know whether you are included in the KPM or the recipient of the 2022 BPNT assistance, then you can check through the website. In full, here is the latest information regarding BPNT 2022. Check this out.

What is BPNT 2022?

BPNT or Non-Cash Food Assistance in 2022 is an aid program distributed by the government to people in need. This assistance is allocated for the purchase of basic necessities for the poor.

Number of 2022 BPNT Recipients

BPNT 2022 is targeted to be accepted by 18.8 million people who are included in the Beneficiary Families or KPM.

Each KPM will receive assistance of 2.4 million rupiah per year or the equivalent of 200 thousand rupiah per month. This assistance can be spent at e-warong or electronic gotong royong stalls.

Disbursement Mechanism of BPNT 2022

The previous year’s BPNT distribution mechanism was very simple. Each KPM will get a card that can later be filled in balance every month.

This balance is what you can spend at e-warong. However, the mechanism for distributing BPNT 2022 is different from the previous year.

In collaboration with PT Pos, the government will distribute BPNT 2022 in the form of cash directly to the public.

Not only that, the aid will be immediately combined into one for the first three months, namely January, February and March. Each KPM will get 600 thousand rupiah when disbursing the 2022 BPNT.

When will BPNT 2022 April Disburse?

There is still no notification when the 2022 BPNT for April can be disbursed. It could be that this disbursement will be carried out the same as before, namely in three months so that it can only be disbursed in June.

The government has also yet to announce whether the April 2022 BPNT disbursement mechanism will be in cash or in balance as in the previous year.

How to Check the Name of the 2022 BPNT Recipient

If you do not know whether you are included in the list of recipients of the 2022 BPNT or not, you can easily check through the Ministry of Social Affairs website.

The following is how to check the name of the 2022 BPNT recipient:

  1. Please click here to connect to the Ministry of Social’s BPNT 2022 check website.
  2. You will be directly connected to the chrome of your phone.
  3. Enter the required personal data in the available fields, such as province to sub-district or village.
  4. Enter the required verification code or captcha. If you can’t read the verification code, please refresh the code first.
  5. Click search data.

If you are registered as a recipient of the 2022 BPNT, then you will see your name on the website.

You actually don’t have to worry about not getting information because usually the kelurahan, village or postal officials will give you an invitation.

How to Disburse BPNT 2022

After knowing whether your name is registered or not, you can start disbursing the 2022 BPNT. You will get an invitation from the post office or the village apparatus.

There will be stated where you can take help and what conditions must be brought. You just have to come to the place listed on the invitation and bring the things you need.

That’s the explanation about the 2022 BPNT. For those of you who have not yet disbursed the 2022 BPNT for the January, February, March period, do so immediately before the disbursement deadline has passed. Hope it is useful.