Mount Gede Pangrango 2022 Entrance Ticket, Mystery and Hiking Trails

Mount Gede Pangranggo is a volcano located in West Java which is the first five national parks in Indonesia.

Mount Gede Pangrango's valor stretches across three districts 2
Picture of Mount Gede Pangrango via Depanrango/
Opening hours:24 hours
Entrance ticket:IDR 17,500.00- IDR 470,000.00
Telephone number:0263 5127 76
Activity:Enjoying the scenery at Telaga Biru, bathing in Lumut Cibeureum Waterfall, taking hot baths at Gunung Gede Hot Springs, setting up camp at Cage Badak and Kandang Batu, enjoying views of Mount Gede Pangrango Crater, enjoying the natural panorama from above Suryakencana Square
Best time:04.00-06.00 WIB
Need to Bring:Hats, drinking water, backpacks, tents, cameras,
Prohibition:No littering, no harm to the environment
Address:Cibodas Botanical Gardens, Cimacan, Cipanas, Cianjur, West Java
Public facilities:TNNGP National Park Office, Information Center, Cibodas Botanical Gardens, Camping Area pclimbing os, Clinics, Climbing directions, Bodogol Conservation Education Center, Toilets
Access Road:Well
Online Maps:View Maps
The valor of Mount Gede Pangrango stretches across three districts 3
The valor of Mount Gede Pangrango stretches across three districts 4
The valor of Mount Gede Pangrango stretches across three districts 5
The valor of Mount Gede Pangrango stretches across three districts 6
The valor of Mount Gede Pangrango stretches across three districts 7
The valor of Mount Gede Pangrango stretches across three districts 8

Indonesia is a country that has the most mountains in the world, both active and dead. One area that has a volcano is West Java.

For climbers, it must be difficult to be familiar with Mount Gede Pangrango. These mountains are included in the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park.

Glimpse of Mount Gede Pangrango

Mount Gede Pangrango is a mountain located in the TNGGP area or Mount Gede Pangrango National Park. This mountain has two main peaks, namely Puncak Gede and Peak Pangrango.

Peak Gede has a height of 2,958 meters above sea level while Peak Pangrango has a peak as high as 3,019 meters above sea level. The two peaks are connected by a mountain ridge with an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level or what is often called the Rhino Cage.

Gede Pangrango Mount is included in one of the first five National Parks in Indonesia. The National Park’s designation was announced in 1980.

Legend of Mount Gede Pangrango

Every place certainly does not escape from a legendary mystical story, especially with a mountain that must have its own legend. Mount Gede Pangrango also has a legendary story like the existence of Grandmother Suryakancana.

Grandmother Suryakancana is a descendant of the founder of the City of Cianjur as well as the first Regent of Cianjur with Princess Jin. People believe that Grandmother Suryakancana is a genie who lives in the Gunung Gede area.

At certain times, many people of the Sunda Wiwitan religion enter the cave around Mount Gede. They want to meditate or carry out traditional ceremonies.

Address Mount Gede Pangrango

Mount Gede Pangrango is located on Jl Kebun Raya Cibodas, Cimacan, Cipanas, Cianjur, West Java. However, geographically this mountain is located in three regencies, namely Bogor, Cianjur and Sukabumi regencies.

Mount Gede Pangrango Entrance Ticket Prices

You can explore TNGGP by paying an affordable entrance ticket. In the TNGGP area there are several tourist spots that are no less interesting.

HTM via Cibodas

Weekend HikeIDR 34,000.00 general
IDR 20,500,00 students
IDR 470,000.00 Foreigner
Usual day hikeIDR 29.000,00 general
IDR 17,500,00 students
IDR 320,000.00 Foreigners
Weekday Tour ServicesIDR 29.000,00
Weekday TrekkingIDR 17,500, 00
CampingIDR 22,500,00 weekdays
IDR 27,500,00 weekends
VacationIDR 18,500, 00/day
Cibeureum WaterfallIDR 18,500,000 domestic tourists
IDR 155,000.00 foreign tourists
Canopy TrailIDR 40.000,00 domestic tourists
IDR 155,000.00 foreign tourists
Hot Springs TourIDR 18,500, 00

TNGGP HTM via Mandalawangi

Entrance ticketIDR 8,000.00
campIDR 29.000,00

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Facilities of Mount Gede Pangrango

Although it is a mountain tourist attraction, the TNGGP manager still provides the comfort of climbers with complete facilities.

  • Great Hall Office
  • information Center
  • Cibodas Botanical Gardens
  • Camping area pclimbing os
  • Clinic
  • Climbing directions
  • Bodogol . Conservation Education Center
  • Toilet
  • Canopy Walk

Even though you are climbing on a mountain, you can still find facilities like facilities in tourist attractions in general.

Mount Gede Pangrango Operating Hours

Just like other mountain tours, Mount Gede Pangrango can be visited at any time. The climbers usually depart from post one in the afternoon or evening. This is so that when the sun rises the climbers have reached the top.

Mount Gede Pangrango Activities

The air that is owned by Mount Gede Pangrango is very cool and the scenery is very beautiful. There are several hangy activities you can do at several tourist objects in TNGGP.

  • Enjoying the scenery at Telaga Biru
  • Bathing in Cibeureum Lumut Waterfall
  • Take a hot bath at Gunung Gede Hot Springs
  • Setting up camp in Rhino Cage and Stone Cage
  • Enjoy the view of Mount Gede Pangrango Crater
  • Enjoying the natural panorama from the top of Suryakencana Square

Every corner of TNGGP has its own beauty. Many tourists don’t just climb to the top but also stop at various beautiful spots on Mount Gede Pangrango. In addition to finding the famous Cikondang waterfall, you can try the beauty of the Cibeureum Waterfall.

Q&A Mount Gede Pangrango

The following is a list of questions related to Mount Gede Pangrango:


Climbing the mountain is not only getting a beautiful panorama. It is proven by climbing Mount Gede Pangrango you can get a complete tour package.

You can find many interesting tourist spots on the mountain such as waterfalls, hot springs and vast fields. Buitikan yourself by joining the climb in the National Park of Mount Gede Pangrango.