Mount Merbabu 2022 Entrance Ticket, Info and Mount Merbabu National Park

Mount Merbabu is one of the mountains located in Yogyakarta which has an amazing green view.

Climbing One of Yogyakarta's Twin Mountains Mount Merbabu 2
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Opening hours:24 hours
Entrance ticket:IDR 5,000.00- IDR 225,000.00
Telephone number:0276 3293 341
Activity:Mountain climbing, camping, taking pictures
Best time:Morning or evening
Need to Bring:Hats, drinking water, backpacks, tents, cameras, change of clothes
Prohibition:No littering, no harm to the environment
Address:Jl Merbabu, Boyolali, Central Java
Public facilities:Basecamp, toilet
Access Road:Well
Online Maps:View Maps

Mountain climbing is a challenging but exciting activity favored by nature lovers. Mount Merbabu is one of the favorite mountains for climbers around Yogyakarta and Central Java.

Not because of her valor but because of her beauty. While Mount Merapi is visited by many for its valor, Mount Merbabu is visited for its beauty.

This mountain is overgrown with green trees that spread widely. Moreover, the view of the city of Yogyakarta and its surroundings adds to the epic scenery that you will get.

Climbing One of Yogyakarta's Twin Mountains Mount Merbabu 3
Climbing One of Yogyakarta's Twin Mountains Mount Merbabu 4
Climbing One of Yogyakarta's Twin Mountains Mount Merbabu 5
Climbing One of Yogyakarta's Twin Mountains Mount Merbabu 6
Climbing One of Yogyakarta's Twin Mountains Mount Merbabu 7
Climbing One of Yogyakarta's Twin Mountains Mount Merbabu 8

Mount Merbabu at a glance

If Mount Merapi is known for its activity, Mount Merbabu is known for its beauty. This mountain with a height of 3,145 m is known as an active mountain in Indonesia and is of the strato type.

This mountain was formerly known as Mount Damalung or also Mount Pamarihan. Merbabu used to be known because it was recorded in pre-Islamic texts.

If you go to the slopes you will find the former hermitage belonging to Bujangga Manik which existed in the 15th century. It is not surprising that the beauty of this mountain is also shrouded in an unsolved mystery. To enjoy Merbabu as well as Merapi, you can also come to Ketep Pass.

Address Mount Merbabu

This mountain is located in three districts in Central Java, namely Boyolali, Magelang and Semarang. Meanwhile, Mount Merbabu National Park is located at Jalan Merbabu number 136, Boyolali, Central Java.

Mount Merbabu Entrance Ticket Prices

To climb Merbabu you will be charged an entrance ticket at the first post.

TravelerTicket TypePrice
Indonesian citizenIndividual Entrance TicketIDR 5,000.00 weekdays
IDR 7,500,00 weekends
Group Entrance TicketIDR 3,000.00 weekdays
IDR 4,500.00 weekends
Hiking, Climbing, Individual Tracking and CampingIDR 5,000,000
Biking, Climbing, Group Tracking and CampingIDR 2,500,00
foreignerIndividual Entrance TicketIDR 150.000,00 weekdays
IDR 225,000.00 weekends
Group Entrance TicketIDR 100,000.00 weekdays
IDR 150,000.00 weekends
Hiking, Climbing, Tracking and Individual CampingIDR 5,000.00
Hiking, Climbing, Tracking and CampingIDR 2,500,00
InsuranceIDR 1.000,00

If you want to climb then you must register first. You can register yourself first online at the Mount Merbabu National Park.

Mount Merbabu Hiking Trail

You can choose between five hiking routes to Mount Merbabu.

Cello Line

The Selo route is a favorite hiking trail for climbers. You can start climbing through Boyolali.

Suwanting Line

This route invites you to enjoy Merbabu from the west side in Magelang. We have to cut through the Lamtoro Forest which is quite far to reach the top.

Wekas ​​Line

The Wekas ​​route is also a favorite route for climbers from the south side. This path has a post II which is quite wide which you can use to weaken.

Cunthel . Line

The Cunthel route starts from Kopeng, Semarang. You will find a Transmitter at the Transmitter Post.

Thekelan Line

The Thekelan route is the last route to Merbabu. On this path you will find an object called Watu Gubug which is believed to be the gateway to another world.

If you find a path other than the five paths, then you are crossing an illegal path. We recommend that you use the route commonly used by other climbers.

Q&A Mount Merbabu

Before starting the ascent to Mount Merbabu, you should read the questions below to gather useful information.


Hiking is a way to get closer to nature. If you ever get to the top then you will feel like going back up and climbing.

Because you will see how small you are and the magnitude of God’s power. So, before starting to climb Mount Merbabu, prepare physically and mentally, don’t just try to climb.