Mount Ungaran Semarang, Hiking Trails and Interesting Spots

Mount Ungaran is one of the most suitable mountains to try for beginners. Every year at the beginning of the year or the 17th, the peak of Mount Ungaran is very crowded with visitors.

Opening hours:24 hours
Ticket price:Rp. 7,000/person
Address:Forest, Ungaran Bar., Semarang, Central Java
Public facilities:There is not any
Access Road:To the top can only be accessed by road
Shop:Nothing, it’s better to bring lunch
Online Maps:View Maps
Mount Ungaran
Mount Ungaran

Youth And Mountain

Currently, young people in Indonesia are already cool. They dare to challenge themselves by going up the mountain. Not only the small ones, but the high peaks were also climbed.

This is indeed inseparable from efforts to preserve the mountain and return to nature. Also on the mountain, you can see how beautiful the sunrise is. The dawn that brings hope becomes very sweet to watch from above.

Not only happy but, also satisfied because, able to beat oneself. Facing various kinds of obstacles that exist. Semarang, is one of the areas that has a majestic and beautiful mountain.

Where, the slopes present a historical feel embedded through the Gedong Songo Temple. And a natural bath that is second to none, namely, Umbul Sidomukti. The area is Mount Ungaran which stands proudly.

Mount Ungaran

This mountain has an altitude of 2,050 meters above sea level in the Ungaran area. To date, no volcanic activity has been recorded on this mountain. However, there is geothermal activity generated from this area.

The hot springs in question are hidden in Gedong Songo Temple. So no wonder, if, this temple has a hot spring. There is a myth that is still believed by the local community.

Where, on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, there is a tomb of Dasamuka. Well, in the Dasamuka puppet, he is known as a very evil character. This character likes to drink liquor.

Dasamuka was buried in the Gedong Songo crater by Hanuman. Then, this kind and knowledgeable monkey went to Mount Telomoyo to meditate and observe the movements of Dasamuka. Maybe he woke up from his sleep.

Well, local people believe that if someone brings liquor to this area, Dasamuka will rise. So, until now no one dared to drink liquor here.

The name of this mountain is not only ungaran. instead, there are several names that were inspired by the inscriptions that were found here, such as, karundungan, karurungan, Ngroengngroengan, and kroenroengan.

Hiking trails

There are 3 hiking trails that can be passed by climbers who want to enjoy the charm of Ungaran. First is the rose Basecamp hike. This point is a favorite of climbers, because it can go through the Sidomukti tourist hut.

Getting to the base camp is actually very easy, the point is the Sido Mukti tour where there are lots of signposts that will guide your travel buddy. The total journey through this post to the top is 3 hours for novice climbers.

From this post, tourists will find a spring that is used as a swimming pool. Well, here too, travel buddies will be presented with views of coffee plantations which are their own allure.

Then, the Gedong Songo climbing route where, the route is so uphill and it takes extra strength to be able to climb. It turns out that this path is not the official path. The last is Promasan, this route can be passed from Kendal district.

Mountain Characteristics

From two paths either rose or promasan basecamp. Travel buddies will meet at one point in the tea plantation. If you pass through Gedong Songo, the path is only used to find wood. So you have to turn around and find your own way.

For novice climbers, Ungaran is indeed a field that can be said to be quite friendly like Merbabu. However, it must also be considered, because it has quite an extreme path. So it takes extra energy and sweat.

Flat roads will be encountered before the tea plantations. So, be thrifty here. because after this the real journey will be presented in front of the eyes. no need to force, if you are tired you have to rest. But, don’t linger.

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For those who want to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, travel buddies can set up a tent at the shadow peak post. Here there is a camping ground area that is indeed filled by climbers who want to enjoy the dawn.

Interesting Spots

From a height, you can see how beautiful Telomoyo Peak is in Salatiga. One of the most amazing sights. Especially in the morning, where, everything is still vague because it is in the form of a silhouette.

It’s a sight that can’t be avoided and denied. One of the blessings of God that we can be grateful for, because, here, travel buddies can see the traces of the struggles they have gone through. It’s really amazing to be able to stand on the ungaran. All that tired, as if paid off.

Mount Ungaran Hand
Mount Ungaran Sekmau
Mount Ungaran Pos
Mount Ungaran Girl
Mount Ungaran Veil

How about this mountain? It’s cool to climb too. Although, his name is not as famous as Lawu, Merbabu and Merapi. However, the charm of the rising sun was not inferior to them.

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The charm is still blaring, bringing the longing to come again to that place. Dolan Yok to Mount Ungaran, feel a different and fun experience in every footstep that goes to the top.