Mystery Shop FF October 2021 Server Indonesia What’s the date? This is the leak – This month Garena free fire will reportedly hold a big Mystery Shop FF event. This event, which is organized by Garena, can later produce various kinds of ff items. Such as weapon skins and various interesting free fire items for free.

Therefore, the free fire mystery shop event is eagerly awaited by the free fire players. Because the prizes that are presented are very interesting and exciting, not only that, this event also carries an interesting theme. It’s definitely more exciting than the previous mystery shop event, so you must take part in Garena’s biggest event.

This big event will be coming this month At this point, you must be looking for when this mystery shop will be held by Garena. Then you can find the answer in this article. will provide a leak when this mystery shop event will be present for you free fire players.

When Will Mystery Shop FF March Come

If you are looking for information about when the mystery shop ff event will be present for you free fire game lovers. In this article, we will provide a leak about when the mystery shop will appear in the free fire game. This event is highly anticipated by players because the prizes in the event are very interesting.

Reportedly, the mystery shop event no longer uses the circus theme. But this event will carry an interesting theme and certainly very exciting from the previous event. Not only that, this event will also provide attractive prizes for those of you who follow the shop event which will be held in March.

Surely you will get various free fire items at low prices. Many FF players are interested in participating in this event, because they can get the items you want at low and affordable prices.

So that you don’t miss this golden opportunity, you have to check or play the free fire game every day. Because Garena’s party will suddenly present this mystery shop event, or Garena’s party will announce it on their official account, of course this event will be held in March 2021.

Leaks Mystery Shop Free Fire Prize

You are certainly curious about the various kinds of attractive prizes and the latest free fire items that will be present at this mystery shop event. You can get this attractive gift at a very cheap price.

We predict that there will be several prizes that will be present at this event, one of the items that will be present is the latest Bundle ff which is certainly very exciting and interesting. There are so many latest ff bundles that you can get, including Budle Lab Giant, Azure Annihilation Bundle, Bundle Wasteland Roamer and many more.

Interesting Theme Mystery Shop Event

As you know before that last month’s mystery shop event carried the circus theme. However, it is reported that this month’s event will no longer carry the circus theme. At this event you will be presented with the latest Bundle ff that you can get.

You can get the skin bundle and various kinds of very interesting free fire items for free. That way, you just have to wait for Garena to organize the event this month as soon as possible. So that you can enjoy various interesting items at low prices.


That’s the information that we have conveyed about the leaked presence of the Mystery Shop FF 2021. Where you can get interesting free fire items at very cheap prices. So don’t let you not take part in this big event organized by Garena. We will provide complete information in the next article, thank you.