Nadia Padovani cries when Enea Bastianini wins the Qatar GP

Enea Bastianini made a surprise in the first MotoGP series at the Lusail Circuit, Qatar, on Sunday (6/3/2022). The mainstay of the Gresini Racing team was able to win with a very convincing performance.

Bastianini managed to smoke the factory team racers, Brad Binder (Red Bull KTM Racing) and Pol Espargaro (Repsol Honda). It’s no wonder that all of his team’s crew vented happy emotions, including Nadia Padovani, wife of the late Fausto Gresini who is now leading the Gresini Racing team.

1. Crying happily when he saw Bastianini be the first to cross the finish line

Nadia Padovani's happy tears when Enea Bastianini won the Qatar MotoGPEnea Bastianini and the Gresini Racing team (

During the race, the Gresini team gathered inside Enea Bastianini’s racing garage. They pay close attention to the screen while monitoring their actions The Beast.

When the race had four laps remaining, Bastianini began to pull out his fangs and hunted down Pol Espargaro. Bastianini’s attack made Pol wide so that Bastianini could freely lead the race. When this scene took place, Nadia Padovani could hardly believe what was happening.

2. Regard Bastianini’s victory as a miracle

Nadia Padovani's happy tears when Enea Bastianini won the Qatar MotoGPEnea Bastianini (

When Bastianini crossed the finish line, Nadia Padovani’s tears of joy were unbearable. He considered Bastianini’s victory in Qatar like a miracle that fell from the sky.

“It’s like it’s written in the destiny. I know Enea is a very strong racer, a great talent. And we have put him in the right conditions to make him feel comfortable,” Nadia said Corsedimoto.

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3. Initially just hoping to finish in the top five

Nadia Padovani's happy tears when Enea Bastianini won the Qatar MotoGPEnea Bastianini (

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The results achieved by Enea Bastianini were never imagined before. Although he could start from 2nd place, Nadia had only imagined Bastianini to finish in the top five positions.

“(At first) I thought he could stay in the top five. I never expected a race like this. Those of us who support him feel crazy emotions,” said Nadia Corsedimoto.

4. Successfully realized Fausto Gresini’s dream

Nadia Padovani's happy tears when Enea Bastianini won the Qatar MotoGPNadia Padovani Gresini (

Continuing the MotoGP project after Fausto’s departure due to COVID-19 is not easy. Moreover, this year Gresini Racing became a completely independent team after no longer working with the Aprilia manufacturer.

Even so, with the support of the team crew and their children, Lorenzo and Luca, Nadia Padovani was able to bring the Gresini team to compete in MotoGP, even to win. Currently, Nadia is the team manager and owner of the first women’s team in MotoGP.

“The most important decision was to continue my husband’s company, and his dream. I never thought of quitting and closing everything. Never,” Nadia was quoted as saying Corsedimoto.

5. There is nothing wrong with choosing Enea Bastianini and Fabio Di Giannantonio as drivers

Nadia Padovani's happy tears when Enea Bastianini won the Qatar MotoGPGresini Racing Team (

When Enea Bastianini crossed the finish line, the Gresini team erupted in joy. This is the Gresini team’s debut victory in MotoGP since 2006. With this victory, Nadia certainly will not regret the decision to choose Bastianini to be the driver.

“They (Bastianini and Fabio Di Giannantonio) are young drivers, and the fact that it was Fausto who discovered their talent and then brought them to the world championship, makes me think that this is the line-up of drivers he will agree to,” Nadia said last year as quoted on the official website. Gresini Racing.

After winning in Qatar, Gresini Racing finished 2nd in the team standings behind Repsol Honda. If Enea Bastianini can perform well at the Indonesian GP on March 18-20, 2022, it is not impossible for Gresini Racing to become a satellite team with high points. Can’t wait to see the duel at the Mandalika Circuit.

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