Nagita Slavina’s Abundant Breast Milk Stock Makes Mothers Insecure, Here Are 10 Right Ways To Increase Breast Milk Supply – As a mother who has just given birth, Nagita Slavina is focusing on exclusive breastfeeding for her second son, Rayyanza Malik Ahmad.

Recently, Raffi Ahmad’s wife suddenly drew the spotlight after she was found to have an abundant supply of breast milk, even filling one freezer in her house.

This can be seen from a video that suddenly went viral among mothers on Facebook. At that time, the woman who is familiarly called Gigi, was chatting with Merry, her husband’s assistant.

After chatting, Merry opened the freezer where Gigi’s breast milk was stored, and accidentally dropped a lot of breast milk bags, so Gigi was surprised to see her.

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Uploads about Nagita Slavina [Instagram/@lambe_turah]
Uploads about Nagita Slavina [Instagram/@lambe_turah]

“Well fall all down,” he said.

It also invites questions from some mothers, not a few who believe that it is all breast milk that is pumped directly by Gigi.

“It’s a bit unreasonable if you can pump that much,” said one of the mothers commenting.

“There’s still a stock of breast milk until baby R is big, there’s still time,” he continued.

Since uploading the Lambe Turah account on Instagram on Sunday (27/2/2022), comments from mothers regarding Nagita Slavina’s breast milk stock have been immediately responded to by a number of netizens.

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“Why do you have to worry about it. You can have abundant breast milk. As long as the mother doesn’t think much or stress, don’t be tired, always happy, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and nutritious food, drink booster milk vitamins. Guaranteed to be abundant,” said @irha_xxxxxx.