Nagita Slavina’s secret of abundant breast milk is revealed, it turns out that Raffi Ahmad’s wife often drinks this – Some time ago, netizens wondered how Nagita Slavina had an abundant supply of breast milk for her second son, Rayyanza Malik Ahmad.

This was known when a video in which Merry, Raffi Ahmad’s assistant, accidentally dropped many bags of breast milk suddenly went viral on Facebook.

Apparently, the secret for Nagita Slavina’s milk to be abundant is almond milk.

“Oh, so that the milk is good, I drink a lot of almond milk. Every time I stop where mompa is, where is mompa,” said Nagita Slavina to Aurel Hermansyah.

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In addition, Nagita also often consumes egg whites as an addition to her protein intake.

Aurel Hermansyah & Nagita Slavina (YouTube/AH)
Aurel Hermansyah & Nagita Slavina (YouTube/AH)

Apparently, almonds are a good booster for breast milk because of their protein and calcium content.

according to Verywell HealthMany breastfeeding mothers choose to eat almonds or drink almond milk to increase their creaminess, sweetness, and the amount of breast milk.

In addition to almonds, the following foods can also make breast milk abundant:

  • Whole grains, considered to help the hormone responsible for producing breast milk
  • Dark green vegetables, contain phytoestrogens that have a good effect on breast milk production.
  • Garlic, is believed to be a galactagogue that helps nursing mothers make more breast milk.
  • Chickpeas, a vegetable high in protein and believed to be a galactagogue due to their estrogen content.
  • Sesame seeds, are rich in calcium and plant properties such as estrogen, which can aid in the production of abundant breast milk.

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