Nail Mine in Jakarta, Makes Driver Uneasy

Jakarta, IDN Times – It’s really annoying when a motorbike or car has problems on the road, especially if the problem is not entirely the fault of the driver. One of them is a punctured tire caused by a nail mine.

You see, nail mines are deliberately spread by irresponsible elements. These nail mines are usually made in such a way that even tubeless tires can burst when they step on them.

Several times, the person who spread the nail mines was arrested by the police, and the perpetrator turned out to be a roadside tire repairman. It makes sense, because the party who benefits from the nail mine victims is the closest tire repairman from the scene. Although it must be remembered, not all tire repairmen do this action!

But, try to imagine if you become a victim of a nail mine when you are in a hurry, it must be really annoying, right. Because not only late, you also have to push the motorbike until you find a tire repairman or replace the leaky one with spare. Not to mention, if the incident happened in the middle of the night or early in the morning, the tire patcher was already closed or not!

So let you understand more and be more alert, IDN Times have summarized some opinions about nail mines on the road.

1. Nail mines irritate drivers

Nail Mine in Jakarta, Makes Driver HotCar tire leaks due to nail mine (IDN Times/Fadhliansyah)

One of the victims of the nail mine is Kevin Praditya. He admitted that he had been hit by nail mines several times while driving a car and motorbike.

“I’ve had a few times when I was riding a car, a motorbike too,” Kevin said to IDN Times (8/3/2022).

Kevin said that what made him very annoyed when he was hit by a nail mine was having to push his motorbike a long distance away, plus he was in a hurry because he had work to do.

“At that time, I was riding my motorbike to go to work, but suddenly it swayed on the road. When I checked, it turned out that the rear tire was really flat. I’m pretty sure it was hit by a nail mine. The problem was that the condition at that time was using tubeless tires and before leaving, I had time to check the air pressure,” said the man who works in the Gatot Subroto area, South Jakarta.

Another story is that when he was hit by a nail mine while driving a car, Kevin said that he was on the road to pick up his lover who lives in the Bekasi area, West Java.

“If it’s still better, because I had time to go to the toll road rest area and immediately asked for a patch at the tire patcher who was there. So you could say it wasn’t too bad, hehehe,” he said with a chuckle.

Not only Kevin, Yamaha NMAX user, Eza, has also been a sadist for nail mines on the streets. The young man who is currently studying at a university in the Kemanggisan area, West Jakarta, once had to spend his deep pocket due to a nail mine.

“So the tire was hit by a nail mine, and it turned out to be a torn tire. When I wanted to patch it, said the tire patcher couldn’t because the hole was too wide. So, I spent more money to replace the new rear tire,” said Eza when met IDN Times some time ago.

According to Victor Halawa, owner of the 24-hour Victory Tire workshop, nail mines are indeed one of the most common causes of punctured tires.

“We provide call tire patches for the Jakarta area and its surroundings, usually many people whose tires leak due to nail mines. In addition, there are also other problems such as tire valves, leaky patches, or smooth leaks,” said Victor when contacted. IDN Times (7/3/2022).

Victor also admitted that he often received calls when a vehicle was hit by a nail mine and had a tire leak at night, because the tire repairman was usually closed.

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2. The most dangerous type of nail mine

Nail Mine in Jakarta, Makes Driver HotUmbrella fingernail mine (Instagram/@rohim_saber)

Currently, there are various types of nail mines found on the highway, ranging from intact nails to bent nails, umbrella spokes, to nuts and bolts. However, of the several nail mines, the most dangerous is the umbrella finger nail mine.

“The most dangerous nail mines are the umbrella spokes,” said Victor.

In line with Victor, Abdul Rohim, a Nail Mine Sweeping Volunteer from Sapu Bersih Community (SABER) also said that.

“A mine from the spokes of an umbrella is the most dangerous, because of the type of tires” tubeless immediately deflated if hit by this mine. The problem is that in the middle there is a gap so that the tire air immediately comes out,” said Rohim IDN Times (7/3/2022).

In fact, one of the advantages of using this type of tire is tubeless is when the nail is stuck, the tire will not immediately go flat. It’s a different story if you use it tubetype aka the inner tube, hit by a nail mine of any model will immediately leak.

3. How to avoid nail mines

Nail Mine in Jakarta, Makes Driver HotImage Source:

Rohim, who has been a Nail Mine Sweeper Volunteer for 12 years, said there are several ways you can avoid nail mines when driving on the road.

“The tip for avoiding the nail mine trap is not to go too fast for the motorcyclist, because speeds above 40 km/h are very prone to nail mines. Especially if the motorcyclist is riding in a ride or carrying heavy loads. Tire pressure must also be checked regularly because of pressure. less wind is also prone to nail mines,” said Rohim.

Not only that, you also have to avoid running over unknown items on the highway, such as garbage plastic, orange peels, or others. Because it could be a trap from unscrupulous nail miners. In addition to unknown items, don’t break through holes in the road or anything else that is covered in puddles, it can also be a mine-spreading gap to put a trap.

Another way is to find out which points are often the targets of nail miners. According to Rohim, there are several points that drivers must pay attention to in order to avoid nail mines.

“The most vulnerable point now is Jalan Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta, starting from the Slipi flyover to Pancoran. Continue to Jalan MT Haryono Tebet to Cawang,” said Rohim, who so far has collected more than two tons of nail mines.

Apart from this point, Rohim added several other points. For the South Jakarta area, it is around TB Simatupang and Pondok Indah. Meanwhile, the vulnerable areas of Central Jakarta are on Jalan Letjen Suprapto, Galur towards Senen, then Jalan Gunung Sahari section towards Mangga Dua. The last one is on Jalan RE Martadinata, North Jakarta.

So for those of you who often cross these areas, you should be more vigilant so you don’t become a victim of nail mines, OK!

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