Ndoro Donker Karanganyar, Opening Hours, Food Menu, and Location

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Ndoro Donker is a tea drinking agrotourism location located in various places in Indonesia, one of which is Karanganyar. Not only drinking tea, tourists can try super delicious food and enjoy the view of the tea garden with a cool atmosphere.

Opening hours:09:00 – 18:00 WIB
Food Prices:Starting from Rp. 15,000
Address:Jl. Karangpandan-Ngargoyoso, Kemuning, Puntukrejo, Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java 57793
Public facilities:Parking lots, prayer rooms, toilets etc
Access Road:Well
Online Maps:View Maps

Karanganyar is not only beautiful with its natural charm. rather, with a variety of interesting places to eat to visit. Because, apart from eating, you can also take photos with various cute and genic spots.

Among some places to eat in Karanganyar are Ndoro donker. This area which is famous for its nuances and flavors of tea is often the main destination for travel buddies who visit the Karanganyar area

Ndoro Donker Karanganyar

A culinary place that is indeed a dream for travel buddies who come to visit this area is a plant expert from the Netherlands. He once lived in the village of kemuning and became the inspiration for the development of the kemuning plantation.

What is unique about the figure of ndoro donker is that he does not want to return to the Netherlands. He loves the village kemuning more than the Netherlands, because the residents really love the cafe founder whose name is now widely known.

Well, to commemorate Ndoro Donker, this former Dutch nobleman’s house was used as an Indonesian tea house as well as a restaurant. Because, in the past, Ndoro Donker was famous as a tea connoisseur.

Almost every day, they go to the donker and enjoy picking this tea while looking at the garden. In Javanese, ndoro means master so indirectly, the name of this area is Tuan Donker.

Where, travel buddies can enjoy a variety of super delicious and complete teas so that it can be an option. Currently enjoying tea is just as enjoyable as enjoying a cup of coffee.

When you first enter ndoro donker, you will be greeted with various kinds of chairs that have been neatly arranged. The feel and atmosphere is like at home, so you never get tired of sitting and feeling the cold yellow.

In front of ndoro donker, you can find tea plantations as well as various charming photo spots. Buddy travelers can take advantage of this area to play and rest from the tired journey to get to this point.

From the standard of service, it is quite qualified. Where, the waiters will always smile and friendly welcome and provide food. Travel buddies are like being pampered and really made as kings and queens.

The service is also very fast. One complaint that is given will be immediately responded to very well. From the taste, the food here is very delicious. The tongue will sway incessantly. In fact, it doesn’t feel like stopping.

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There are various kinds of menus that are presented here, ranging from fried rice which can be requested for the level of spiciness. Or also a western menu, where the level of doneness of the meat can be selected according to your wishes.

In addition to the western menu, ndoro donker also presents a variety of traditional and special food menus. There are also some snacks that will become friends for travel buddies to chat with friends or friends.

One thing that must and should not be missed when visiting this area is tea. Well, as discussed above, there are various kinds and types of tea. Such as white tea, green tea, black tea.

There are also English teas with various choices, namely chamomile, Earl gray, mint, passion fruit, The Raja, and some herbs. Don’t be surprised if you order this menu, you will be served with a teapot that is suitable for one to 4 people.

Ndoro Donker’s atmosphere

Don’t be afraid of not getting a place. Because, ndoro donker has enough land area to accommodate almost hundreds of families who come to visit this place. there is a fairly large garden, in the back area with various tables and chairs.

Address and Route Location of Ndoro Donker Karanganyar

Ndoro Donker is located on Jalan Afdeling Kemuning No.18, Kemuning Village, Ngargoyoso District, Karanganyar Regency. Getting to this area is quite easy. Where, travel buddies can start from the solo direction.

You can use private vehicles or public transportation. If you use a private vehicle, you can direct your vehicle to the Karangpandan terminal. After that, continue the journey to the yellow tea garden.

There are already many signposts that can be used as guides for travel companions to this area. if you use the bus, you can go up from the tirtonadi terminal and choose the direction of the solo terminal – Karangpandan terminal.

After that, move to using an elf or a small bus with a route to the ngargoyoso terminal. Tell the driver if, travel buddy, get off at ndoro donker. It’s not easy to get to this place.

The area’s operating hours will open at 10 am and will close at 6 pm. Long enough time to enjoy all the delicious dishes. Moreover, the surrounding atmosphere seemed to be able to anesthetize anyone who came.

Ndoro Donker Photo Gallery

Ndoro Donker Teh
Ndoro Donker Atmosphere
Ndoro Donker in front of the house
Ndoro Donker Chair

The yellow area does present a variety of natural pleasures. Starting from natural treats and delicious tea. Visit ndoro donker is an obligation if your travel buddy is in the Karanganyar area.

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