Never wear socks while sleeping at night, the impact can occur in these 4 conditions – Some people may like to wear socks when sleeping at night. Wearing socks while sleeping is comfortable and warm.

However, not many know that wearing socks at night is not a good idea. The following is quoted from Bright SideSome of the effects of wearing socks when sleeping at night.

1.Influence blood flow

Wearing socks while sleeping feels warm and comfortable, and temporarily increases blood circulation.

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Unfortunately, wearing socks for a long time can reduce your blood flow. If you have a habit of wearing socks all night, this could cause your blood flow to slow down in the long run.

Illustration of socks.  (Unsplash/Thought Catalog)
Illustration of socks. (Unsplash/Thought Catalog)

2. Higher risk of skin infections

Socks made of synthetic materials, such as polyester, rayon, or nylon, are non-skin-friendly socks and can make your feet breathless.

If you sleep under a thick blanket, the moist and warm environment creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

If harsh chemicals, such as dyes and resins are used to treat your socks, you are more likely to experience irritation and a rash.

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3. Leaves painful scars on the skin

If you’ve ever noticed the red itchy marks that your socks leave on your feet, the rubber bands that hold the socks together may be too tight.

When you wear socks overnight, you may wake up with painful, irritated scars on your skin that won’t go away. Like other tight clothing, socks with tight rubber bands can restrict blood flow, leading to swelling.

4. Influence body temperature

When you rest at night, your body is still working and there is a lot going on while you sleep. Your body temperature changes several times during the night and you will sleep better when it is cold.

If you wear socks made of sweat-wicking material, your body temperature may rise, disrupting your sleep.