New features and advantages of MIUI 13 that will make you update soon

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Gadgetren – New features and a number of advantages also introduced themselves with the launch of the MIUI 13 interface in addition to the Android 11 and Android 12 operating systems that were present in its development base.

We can also try these various features and advantages easily because installing the MIUI 13 system interface into devices that support it can now be done via OTA (Over-the-air) updates.

For those of you who don’t know, Xiaomi OTA updates can be done directly through the page Settings on the relevant cell phone. We’ll just have to go into the section later About phonetap the menu MIUI versionthen press the button Check for Updates.

If the MIUI 13 update is available, we can then press the button Download then confirm the installation by tapping Install if the system interface download process is complete.

It’s just undeniable that this interface update will indeed be done gradually. Those of you who haven’t got the new features and advantages of MIUI 13 instead can try to take a peek at it.

New Features and Advantages of MIUI 13

More Qualified Performance

MIUI 13 is an interface that is claimed to have a more stable and faster system performance than the previous generation (including MIUI 12.5) for flagship, middle, and lower devices.

Because Xiaomi embeds several superior technologies such as Liquid Storage, Atomized memory, Focused Algorithms, and Smart Balance which are specifically designed to improve the system performance of a cellphone.

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Liquid Storage – The performance of mobile phones over time can indeed decrease due to fragmentation of the storage media, which is a phenomenon of inefficient placement of parts of the data file.

In order to restore its capabilities, the system will usually perform defragmentation to rearrange the data files. Liquid Storage in particular will work intelligently for this process so that the performance of the storage media can be maintained.

Based on the simulation carried out by Xiaomi on the Mi 11, Liquid Storage can even reduce the decrease in cellphone performance to only 5 percent even though it has been used for 36 months. Though usually can go down to 50 percent.

Atomized Memory – Management of RAM usage is also very important to provide increased performance in a cellphone. If done carelessly then the process running from the application or service can stutter.

Xiaomi also designed Atomized Memory to handle the RAM used by applications and services. The MIUI 13 system will simply separate the essential processes based on how we use the device then delete the non-essential ones.

Xiaomi has already tested this new MIUI 13 feature on Mi 10 and claims that Atomized Memory can increase the efficiency for processes running behind the scenes by up to 40 percent.

Focused Algorithms – With the support of more resources, applications and services can of course run more smoothly on a cellphone so that they can deliver what we expect.

The Focused Algorithms feature is also presented by Xiaomi through MIUI 13 for this purpose. Its development is expected to be able to provide more qualified resource support for applications that are often used in everyday life.

This new support in MIUI 13 will dynamically allocate resources from the cellphone based on daily usage scenarios. So an application for example will get more CPU support to increase its capabilities.

Smart Balance – A balance between performance and power consumption is also needed so that we can rely on cellphones to the fullest. Better support because it will result in a longer duration of daily use.

MIUI 13 is presented with this in mind. In it there is a Smart Balance feature to balance the performance requirements of a device with power consumption.

Smart Balance has been tested by Xiaomi on Mi 11 devices in Balance Mode. As a result, this support can reduce power consumption by up to 10 percent when compared to older MIUI variants.

Security Upgrade

Security is the main thing nowadays because almost every time we will be connected to many services through the internet network. Xiaomi has therefore given some improvements to this aspect through MIUI 13.

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Xiaomi’s latest system interface in particular adds several new features such as a privacy watermark which will add certain writing patterns to scanned photos or documents so that they cannot be used carelessly.

In addition to these features, Xiaomi has also improved some legacy support including facial verification capabilities among them. Those of us with MIUI 13 can now use Face Unlock more accurately so that it will minimize phishing using photos.

Fresh Look

Just like the previous system updates, MIUI 13 also offers a fresh look. This includes the addition of a number of new widgets which of course can make it easier for us as users.

The successor to the MIUI 12 interface also brings several new things to enhance the appearance. Among them you will find almost fifty new wallpapers (including live wallpapers) and a font called MiSans.

New Features and Pros of MIUI 13 - 2

Alongside MIUI 13, Xiaomi also confirmed the development of a new sidebar. We can take advantage of this support to increase efficiency when doing multi-tasking because we can access up to ten applications more quickly just by dragging the bookmark.

The presence of MIUI 13 Pad

Xiaomi also made a bigger leap through MIUI 13. They are finally now also presenting a special variant designed for large-screen devices including tablets and folding phones.

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Named MIUI 13 Pad, this particular version focuses more on productivity and multi-tasking. One of them is done by adding a shortcut to change the application mode from window to full screen.

This special version also includes optimizations for large-screen viewing of more than 3,000 popular apps. There’s also support for keyboard shortcuts, a custom Taskbar, and better drag-and-drop features.

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