New Honda Genio vs Honda Scoopy, What are the Differences?

Jakarta, IDN Times – PT Astra Honda Motor Motor launched the New Genio on Monday (14/3/2022). Many are new to this scooter, such as a fresher design to the legs which are now more sturdy.

FYI, this New Honda Genio uses Scoopy’s 12-inch diameter rims, you know. It’s not surprising that the overall appearance is so beautiful. But, despite sharing the same rims, the New Genio and Scoopy still have some differences.

Well, here are the differences between New Genio and Scoopy.

1. New Honda Genio and Scoopy designs

New Honda Genio vs Honda Scoopy, What are the Differences?New Honda Genio launched (PT AHM)

Talking about the design of the two, they look similar at first glance, but the New Honda Genio has an angled body with sharper lines. While the Honda Scoopy body looks more classic because the lines are rounded.

But if you pay attention there are some similarities between the design of the New Honda Genio and the Honda Scoopy. Like both have a flat deck, the design of the headlights and turn signal are separate from the handlebar shells, and also the design of the lights and rear turn signal are similar in position. What’s more, after PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) provided the Genio with ring 12 rims too, so it’s even more similar!

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2. Machine specifications and features

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New Honda Genio vs Honda Scoopy, What are the Differences?Same Genio and Scoopy engine (Doc. AHM)

From the engine, the New Honda Genio is actually exactly the same as the Honda Scoopy. Both carry a 110 cc 1-cylinder SOHC eSP engine. Which can put out a maximum power of 8.8 hp at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

The difference between the two is in its features, Honda Genio has features that are not as complete as the Honda Scoopy. Features on the Genio are LED headlights, digital instrument panel, and also a power charger.

Meanwhile, the Honda Scoopy is provided with an LED projector headlamp in front, a power charger, a smart key system with answer back and anti-theft alarm, as well as a combination of digital and analog instrument panels.

3. Honda Genio and Scoopy have different markets

New Honda Genio vs Honda Scoopy, What are the Differences?The fifth generation new Honda Scoopy variant (IDN Times/Dok. Astra Motor Sumsel)

“We produce this Genio to fill the beginner or entry level automatic market, because we see this market as very important and large. This market is different from Scoopy which is more advanced, so these are two different markets,” said Thomas Wijaya, Marketing Director of PT. AHM at the launch of the New Honda Genio.

So even from the price, the two have quite a difference, the New Honda Genio is sold at a price of Rp. 18,050,000 to Rp. 18,650,000 depending on the type. While the Honda Scoopy is sold from Rp. 20,475,000 to Rp. 21,275,000 depending on the type. Which one do you prefer?

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