Newest Level 49 Brain Out Answer Key of the Year

Brain Out Level 49 Answer Key – Presenting complex games to hone our IQ brain abilities turned out to be the main attraction for the Brain Out game. This brain sharpening game is even now the most popular game that is downloaded on the play store.

Playing Brain Out games requires high knowledge and imagination, because in the Brain Out game application we can answer quite difficult questions with answers that we don’t even think of.

Of course, if we can’t answer correctly from the Brain Out question, then we can’t move on to the next level. But you can use the help features in Brain Out at each level so you can pass to the next level if you really have given up and really can’t get past the questions at that level.

Now to use the help feature to skip to the next level by using 2 keys. To get this key you have to watch the ad in Brain Out. So for 1 time watching an ad you will get 1 key. Which means if you want to skip to the next level using 2 keys then you have to watch 2x ads.

Besides watching ads, you can also get a key by buying it. You can buy 10 keys for Rp. 29,000 and 40 keys at a price of Rp. 72,000. In addition to using the key feature, you can also complete the answers to go to the next level without skipping by answering them correctly and easily. We have provided the Brain Out Level 49 answer key for you to the question OCD is intolerable!

Brain Out Level 49 Answer Key : OCD is intolerable!

OCD is intolerable

Question: OCD is intolerable!

Answer: Please rub – rub the red paint stuck to the well until it disappears.

Answer Explanation: I think this question at level 49 is very easy, we just need to rub the red paint on the wall of the well until it disappears

So did you know? Brain Out Level 49 answer key to the question: OCD is intolerable! Now you can move on to the next level, but if you find another question that is difficult for you to answer, please open this site. Because we have provided all brain out answer keys for all levels complete with explanations.

That’s the explanation and answer key for brain out level 49 with questions: OCD is intolerable! Hopefully the answers and explanations that we describe here can help all of you to complete the brain out answers so you can move on to the next level.