Newest Long and Short FF Name Spaces 2022

Empty FF Name – From the past until now the Free Fire game is still one of the most popular battle royale games and occupies the top rank in the google play store.

It’s not strange if the free fire game is the most popular game, because it has a very interesting and fun game play display.

Thanks to the popularity of the free fire game today, there are lots of players who make very interesting and cool names/nicknames such as short names, umbrella signs and even empty ff names that are not seen by other free fire players.

A cool nickname or ff name itself is a survivor’s desire so that their account looks cooler and unique for other survivors to see.

Well, at this meeting, we will show you how to make a cool and interesting long-short blank ff name, if you want to try to make it, please read it in full below.

About Empty FF Name

How to Make a Long & Short Space Empty FF Nickname

Maybe not a few of you old free fire players have found empty ff names with long and short spaces.

Yups, maybe they are one of the survivors who have played the old free fire game who likes to change nicknames and try to make an empty ff nickname to make it look cooler and mysterious.

But to be able to change the name of free fire is not free, unless you still have a nick coupon to change the ff nickname.

As we already know, in the free fire game, we are only given the opportunity to change the ff name only 2 times.

But if you want to change the name of free fire and no longer have a nick coupon, you can replace it with 360 diamonds to be able to change it.

But for those of you new users of the free fire game who want to try to make a cool and interesting blank ff name, please you can make it by following our guide below.

How to Create a Long & Short Space Empty FF Name

How to Make a Long & Short Space Empty FF Nickname

As we already know, free fire names look cooler and unique, such as umbrella signs, nicknames or so on.

This is of course the survivors’ own desire to make their accounts look more attractive.

Now for those of you who want to try using an empty and invisible ff nickname, you can make it by following the method we have provided below.

The first step you have to do is please copy the code name ff blank long and short spaces that have not been used at all below.

[ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ]FF Name Short Space
[ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ                ㅤㅤ]FF Name Space FF Long

How to Make an Empty FF Nickname:

  1. After you have copied the blank code name above, please open the Free Fire game.
  2. Then click Account Profile.
  3. After that click the pencil drawing logo.
  4. Paste the code that was copied above.
  5. Then change Nick by using 360 diamonds.

How easy is it to open? Meanwhile, for those of you who are new Free Fire Game Players and want to try using an empty FF name, please follow the steps below:

  • Please paste the code above in the name column when creating a new account.
  • If Not Available already exists, you just add space until the name is available.

That’s how to create an empty FF nickname for old players using 360 diamonds and new players in the Free Fire game.

If you want to create an empty free fire space name for free, please, you can use the method we have provided below.

How to make a blank FF name with an application

How to Make a Long & Short Space Empty FF Nickname

For those of you who want to try to make an empty ff name and don’t have diamonds to make it, of course you can also make it for free.

However, for making an empty ff nickname for free without an application, you must have an Item Change Name, to be able to get the item you have to take part in the event from Garena which has a Change Name prize.

Usually, the event has a time limit and will give orders to collect materials during the Free Fire game.

That way if you have collected the item or the material is very complete, then you can exchange the material for a Change Name item or Free Name Change.

But you need to know that there is one application that you can use to change the blank FF nickname, namely the Unicode Pad application.

This application is equipped with the Blank Space feature so that it will help to change the empty ff nickname, but this application has a code installed which when created for the Free Fire profile the name will disappear automatically.

As for how to create a free fire space blank name using the following application:

  1. Download the Unicode Pad application.
  2. Do the Install until it’s finished.
  3. Then open the application.
  4. Look for symbols with numeric codes “3138“.
  5. Copy the numeric code.
  6. Then you paste the code in the Edit name column.
  7. Please click OK to save.
  8. Then you will not see the name ff.
  9. Good luck.

How to make a blank FF name online

How to Make a Long & Short Space Empty FF Nickname

Actually, you can also use an empty ff name by using an online site, meaning you don’t need any application to get the blank nickname code.

Then how? It’s quite easy and can be done quickly, please you can follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, please enter the site.
  2. If so, please scroll to the bottom.
  3. If you have found the no printing character menu, please tap Zero Width Space Character.
  4. Please copy the code.
  5. After that, please enter into your respective Free Fire account.
  6. Then click the Edit Name menu.
  7. Paste or paste the code that you previously copied.
  8. Don’t forget to save.
  9. Automatically your ff nickname will not look empty alias.

Of course, to change the ID name in the Free Fire game, you must first have a business card or better known as the Change Name Card.

Advantages of Creating Empty FF Names

There are several advantages that you get after using an empty FF name, here are some of the advantages that you will get:

1. Account cannot be reported

The first advantage is that your account cannot be reported, meaning that the reporter cannot report because your account does not exist and will not be known.

2. Unknown

The advantage of your two accounts will not be controlled by other free fire players, because the account does not have a name so it will be difficult to recognize.

3. Unique and Cool

Finally, of course, by using an empty ff nickname, our account looks more unique and cool because it is different from the others.

Is Creating a Blank FF Name Free?

Maybe not a few of you are asking whether creating an empty free fire name is free?

As we explained above, to be able to create an empty ff name you must first have a Change Name item, and if you don’t have that item then you cannot create an empty ff nickname.

As we explained above, to be able to get the Item Change name, you can collect the material first and exchange it for the item or you can also buy the item using 390 diamonds at the Garena Shop.

Is Using Empty FF Nicknames Safe?

Not a few free fire players say that using an empty ff name will be penalized by Garena, whether it’s a permanent account ban or the account will be temporarily disabled.

But unfortunately this is not entirely true, because indeed the use of an empty free fire name will not harm other players such as the use of FF Mod Apk or other.

So it can be concluded that using an empty ff nickname will be safe, it’s just that its use is a little mysterious because the account name is not visible to other players.


Maybe that’s all the admin can do convey about the Latest Long and Short Spaced FF Names for 2022. Hopefully this review can be useful for you, especially loyal Free Fire Game Players. Thank you.