Neymar remembers the good times Barcelona humiliated Real Madrid

Jakarta, IDN Times – Santiago Bernabeu has always been a place for Neymar to have fun. When playing with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez at Barcelona, ​​Neymar often made Madrid bite his fingers, even at the Bernabeu.

However, Neymar is reluctant to be happy when he comes to the Bernabeu this time. He admits the Bernabeu is a haunted place.

“I have great memories here, scoring goals and assisting. I played in amazing matches and the stadium is so magical. It’s nice to play here. PSG vs Real Madrid games are always 50-50,” Neymar said. MARCA.

1. PSG benefited

Neymar remembers the good times Barcelona humiliated Real MadridKeylor Navas defending PSG in Ligue 1. (

PSG actually benefited more than Madrid. They have won 1-0 over Los Blancos. However, Neymar stated that Madrid still had the same chance to qualify.

“There is never a favourite. Maybe we have the advantage. But we have to keep it and play better than in Paris,” said Neymar.

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2. More profit because Casemiro is absent

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Neymar remembers the good times Barcelona humiliated Real MadridNeymar Jr (

There is one other situation that could make PSG play well. Namely, when Casemiro had to be absent due to serving an accumulation sentence.

Neymar admits that the presence of Casemiro will definitely make Madrid’s midfield stronger. In this way, there is a possibility that PSG will be able to dominate the battle in the middle.

“For me, Casemiro is the best in the world. But we don’t want to think about that. We just want to win and play as well as possible. Indeed, it will be more difficult when they play Casemiro. Lucky for us, he didn’t play,” said Neymar .

3. Special for everyone

Neymar remembers the good times Barcelona humiliated Real MadridLionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe (

The match against Madrid will be quite an emotional moment for Neymar and Lionel Messi. Also, if Sergio Ramos competes, it will certainly be more lively.

“It should be special for Sergio. For me and Leo, this is special considering our time at Barcelona,” explained Neymar.

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