Ngrumput Beach Yogyakarta

Ngrumput Beach Yogyakarta 1

Ticket Prices and Location Map of Ngrumput Beach Yogyakarta

Ngrumput Beach Yogyakarta 2
The Best Beach for Camping in Jogja
Activity:Swim, take pictures, and enjoy the freshness of the natural air.
Opening hours:24 Hours Open
Ticket price:Rp. 10,000/person
Lodging:Just make a tent, right here is a camping place.
Address:Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55881
Google Maps Map:Grass Beach

The ngrumput beach is rarely known to the ear, but if the peak of kosakora is sure to know. Well even though the location is the same, it’s just that the bottom is the beach and the hill is the top. Been to kosakora? yes that’s the place

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Ngrumput beach is known as a camping beach, because almost every day there are many visitors who spend the night on this beach. I don’t know the reason for the organization’s activities or what’s easy hehe joking. The basic reason why people choose this beach as a campsite is because of its easy-to-reach location and the friendly sea breeze and sea water, plus the stunning white sand floor.

For more details, try to see the photos and videos below which were taken from visitors who captured the fun moment on the ngrumput beach.

Ngrumput Beach Yogyakarta