North Korea May Launch Another Ballistic Missile

Japan says North Korea launched what could be a ballistic missile. The launch comes days ahead of South Korea’s presidential election.

In a message to reporters, South Korea’s military on Saturday morning also reported North Korea conducted a “projectile launch” into the sea off the east coast.

No other details were immediately available.

North Korea has carried out at least nine rounds of launches this year, firing at least 13 separate missiles.

Last Saturday, North Korea launched a missile in preparation for an upcoming satellite launch, a significant move that has the potential to increase tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea insists the satellite launch was peaceful, but the United States, Japan and South Korea see it as a disguised long-range missile test.

North Korea is barred from carrying out any ballistic missile activity, including tests at any range, by a series of United Nations Security Council resolutions.

North Korea’s latest missile test comes just four days before the presidential election in South Korea. South Korea’s presidential election mostly focuses on domestic issues. (mg/pp) [mg/pp]