Not America, especially Indonesia, this is the country with the largest average erect penis size – For some men, size is quite important. In fact, there are some of them feel the size determines partner satisfaction.

Apart from these thoughts, have you ever wondered in which country the average man has the largest erect penis?

Based on the Target Map page, reported by The Sun, African men have the largest erect penis size in the world. While India is the smallest.

Countries in West Africa, such as Ghana, Congo, and Gabon occupy the top position with an average of more than 16 centimeters.

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Below him are men from Australia, Italy, Norway, Mexico and South Africa. The average erect penis of men from these countries is 14 to 16 centimeters.

Illustration of male genitalia.  (Shutterstock/Kenishirotie)
Illustration of male genitalia. (Shutterstock/Kenishirotie)

Then, the man in which country has the smallest penis? Asian men have small penises, as in India, Thailand and South Korea. Their average size varies from 9 to 10 centimeters.

The way to measure the penis is not to use a ruler when the penis is ‘limp’. Because, the size of a limp penis can vary. For example, depending on how cold the room is.

The UK NHS health service advises doing it when the penis is erect. The standard for measuring the penis is from the top, from the base to the tip,

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