Not Fever or Cough, These are the Top Symptoms of the Corona Covid-19 Virus! – Currently, the UK has relaxed the restrictions. However, this does not mean that the Covid-19 corona virus in the UK has disappeared.

The Covid-19 corona virus is still spreading, but the cases are quite under control due to the booster injections of the Covid-19 vaccine and natural immunity from previous infections.

The ZOE Covid application also recorded a number of symptoms from 4 million contributors. This app finds the top 20 symptoms of the current Covid-19 coronavirus.

The symptom of the Covid-19 coronavirus at the top of the list is a cold, accounting for 75 percent of all symptomatic cases.

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After a cold reported from ExpressSpector’s team found the next symptoms were headache 68 percent, sore throat 66 percent and fatigue 65 percent.

Illustration of the Corona Covid-19 Virus.  (Pixabay)
Illustration of the Corona Covid-19 Virus. (Pixabay)

Other signs of the Covid-19 coronavirus include:

  1. Sneeze
  2. Cough constantly
  3. Hoarseness
  4. Shivering
  5. Unusual joint pain
  6. Fever
  7. Dizzy
  8. brain fog
  9. Sore eyes
  10. Changed smell
  11. Unusual muscle pain
  12. Lower back pain
  13. Swollen glands
  14. Skipping meals
  15. Chest pain

The scientists in this app ask everyone with the Covid-19 coronavirus to continue sharing their symptoms.

The team points out that they are constantly updating and refining their prediction algorithm to take into account the impact of the Covid-19 vaccine on symptoms and emergence of new coronavirus variants.

For example, the Omicron variant has a different set of common symptoms to the original Covid-19 coronavirus, which has 3 common symptoms including cough, fever and loss of sense of smell.

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