Not Just Breathing And Need To Eat, These Are 8 Characteristics Of Living Creatures – The entire environment on earth is composed of 2 types of components, namely biotic components and abiotic components. Biotic is a component that is composed of all types of living things. For example, humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms.

While abiotic is a component that consists of non-living things. Like, land, water, sunlight, also air.

Biotic components have special characteristics that certainly do not exist in abiotic. Therefore, the nature of living things and non-living things are certainly different.

Quoted from Ruang Guru, here are eight characteristics of living beings.

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1. Move

Illustration of a walk (Pexels/Daniel Reche)
Illustration of a walk (Pexels/Daniel Reche)

Every living thing must move. Moving is the ability of an organism to change places or positions. Humans can walk and run, so can animals. In fact, plants also move. For example, the movement of the stem to follow sunlight.

2. Need Food

Every living thing needs food as a source of energy. There are two kinds of ways to get food for living things, namely autotrophs and heterotrophs.

Autotrophs are the ability of living things to produce their own food. For example, plants that get their food from photosynthesis. Meanwhile, heterotrophs are the ability of living things that cannot produce their own food, so they must get food from other organisms. For example, humans must eat rice to get energy. Rice comes from other organisms, namely plants.

3. Breathe

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Breathing is the way living things get energy from the breakdown of food. Breathing will supply oxygen into the body of living things. Oxygen is important for the body’s metabolism because it can produce energy.