Not only good for eye health, this is the reason eating carrots regularly is important! – In addition to containing vitamin A, carrots also have a variety of other nutrients that are good for the health of the body.

In fact, experts recommend consuming carrots regularly for the sake of immunity.

Based on Times of IndiaHere’s why we should eat carrots every day:

1. Maintain heart health

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Carrots are good for the liver because of the beta-carotene and flavonoids in it. Both elements facilitate liver function and do not let toxicity ‘take over’ the liver.

carrot illustration (pixabay/tommileew)
carrot illustration (pixabay/tommileew)

2. Protects against cancer

Carrots are rich in a chemical compound called Falcarinol, which prevents the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It also helps repair tissues, especially skin and hair.

Studies also show that carrots help reduce the risk of developing cancer.

3. Diabetes

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Carrots are proven to be a safe choice for diabetics because they do not increase glucose levels in the body, and are rich in fiber and vitamin A.

In addition to the three benefits above, carrots are also good for eye health, increasing immunity, glowing skin and beautiful hair.

However, experts also warn not to eat too many carrots because it can cause excess beta-carotene in the bloodstream.