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www.dukcapilmakassar.co.id – Getting the modified WhatsApp application is quite easy to do. But getting a modified WhatsApp that is suitable for daily use needs better selection. One application that may be used is NSWhatsApp.

This NSWhatsApp application has quite a lot of advantages when compared to some other WhatsApp mod apk. In fact, you can do many things instantly to customize the display to the maximum.

If you are curious about this NSWhatsApp, there is nothing wrong with listening to the following article. That way you can find out what features and advantages and disadvantages it has. So you can decide for yourself whether to install or not.

NSWhatsApp Plus Review

NSWhatsApp Review

If you are used to using modified WhatsApp such as GBWhatsApp, you may be familiar with this application. In general, this NSWhatsApp is a form of development of the GB WA application which adds several 3-dimensional elements.

The addition was made to give a modern and unique impression so that users will not experience boredom. Moreover, the GB WhatsApp application has a design that is almost the same as the original Whatsapp even though many changes have been made.

The features possessed by NSWhatsApp are roughly the same as GB WA. It’s just that some designs will be developed so that you can enjoy a more interesting WhatsApp experience compared to the standard version.

If you want to use NSWhatsApp, it is recommended to use a cellphone with a fairly high specification. In addition, make sure that the chipset is also capable so that you can open this interesting application.

In addition, it is also recommended to always get the latest version because NSWhatsApp does not have an official website. So it might be a little difficult to get the latest version of the APK that is most suitable for any type of phone.

NSWhatsApp Featured Features

The excellent features possessed by NSWhatsApp are quite diverse. Here are some features that users can immediately use and maximize.

1. Scheduled Message

Scheduled Message

If you use NSWhatsApp, you will be able to send messages on a scheduled basis to other people. Say you want to send that message to someone else at certain hours. Because you are worried that you will fall asleep or don’t have time, you can schedule it.

There is a feature to drop this message so that all the messages you want can be sent on time. In addition, you will not worry if the message is sent incorrectly because it can be set correctly.

Furthermore, you can also create a message that will be sent automatically if there is a chat. The system is so much like an auto-answering machine that the person sending the message doesn’t feel hanged.

2. Chat and Call Filters

Chat and Call Filters

One thing that is quite annoying when using WhatsApp is that there are often simultaneous incoming messages and calls. Even though you are in a busy condition so you can’t reply or respond to them.

By using this NSWhatsApp modified WhatsApp you can perform a filter or filtering system. This means that you can filter incoming chats or calls. So it must be adjusted to the needs.

Sometimes you can also activate the undisturbed mode so that the internet connection in this application will be disconnected. In addition, you do not need to turn off the internet connection for all applications because this application itself will turn it off.

3. Privacy Enhanced

Privacy Enhanced

Privacy on the modified WhatsApp application will be greatly improved so you don’t have to worry. Even if they have read messages sent by other people they will not know it. The message indicator from the sender will remain the same.

The rest of the NSWhatsApp application will also help you to hide your online status. To hide online status, there will usually be a separate menu. So even if you are online, other people will think you are offline.

Finally, when you read or view statuses that have been made by others. Logos or avatars that indicate you’ve been peeking will be removed. So even if you are curious about other people, you will not be caught.

4. Diverse Themes

Diverse Themes

The themes owned by NSWhatsApp are very diverse and most of them can be used. You can use ready-made themes for free. You can even change all the components in it, including the font.

5. New Interface

New Interface

The interface that is owned by NSWhatsApp tends to be newer than the GB WhatsApp application. With the new interface, the appearance of the application becomes fresher and will not be boring when used.

Even though it has a new look, you don’t have to worry because it’s still quite intuitive so you can use it right away. The menu is also very simple so you won’t feel confused once you install it.

6. Send Large Files

Send Large Files

The process of sending files when using standard applications will usually be limited. In one delivery will usually be limited to less than 10 files. In addition, the size will also be compressed if the file is in the form of an image or photo.

Reducing the size especially of the photo will reduce the quality so that the recipient cannot enjoy the photo to its full potential. That’s why this modified application was made because the photos sent will have the same size.

This also applies to videos that will later be sent. The recipient of the video will get a video with a very long duration. In addition, we will also limit the amount of duration so that even slightly long videos can still be sent.

7. Anti Delete Messages

Anti Delete Message

When using this NSWhatsApp modified type application, all incoming messages cannot be deleted unilaterally. If someone else unilaterally deletes it then the message will be automatically saved so that it can be viewed again.

With this capability, various types of incoming messages will be directly stored and disconnected from the server. This means that if someone else deletes the conversation they will disappear but your conversation will still be there and can be read.

Advantages of NSWhatsApp

Advantages of NSWhatsApp

The advantages offered by NSWhatsApp can also be a consideration whether later you will install or not. Check out the full advantages below.

1. Anti Banned

This NSWhatsApp is safe to use by anyone, even those who use their main account. The most important thing if you want to use this application is to always be careful and not use it excessively.

Although it is considered safe and has the ability to permanently prevent purchases from occurring. You still have to be careful to prevent unwanted things. So it’s better to do a test process first.

2. Large Sticker Collection

The collection of stickers and emoticons on NSWhatsApp is very large. You can use this collection to its full potential when sending messages to make it more interesting.

This collection doesn’t require downloading any third-party apps because it’s already there. So you can start the installation process right away.

3. Free from Virus

NSWhatsApp is also free from viruses so you can immediately carry out the installation process after downloading the APK. But it is recommended to always do the scanning process first before carrying out the installation process.

Disadvantages of NSWhatsApp

Disadvantages of NSWhatsApp

This NSWhatsApp will also have some shortcomings so you can also consider them. However, this shortcoming can still be overcome.

1. Difficult to Update

One of the difficulties that users may experience when using NSWhatsApp is updating which is sometimes difficult to do. Moreover, the developers also do not always issue the latest versions regularly.

Even though doing this update is very important to prevent learning from the WhatsApp system. So if you don’t use the latest version, it’s better to be careful.

2. No Official Site

This NSWhatsApp does not have an official website or a site that will issue the latest version. This condition will make it more difficult for someone if they want to search, especially not everyone knows the site from the developer.

Download the NSWhatsApp Apk Mod Application

Download App

If you want to download the NSWhatsApp Apk, you can use the link below. In addition, you can also search on Google if you need a newer version.

App NameNSWhatsApp
File Size70 MB
Download linkHere

How to Install NS WA Apk Mod

The installation process cannot be done arbitrarily because the modified application must obtain permission from the security system. For that you must first change the security system and allow installation of unknown sources.

To do that it is recommended to go directly to the security or security section. Next, look for the install from unknown sources menu and this section can be activated immediately first.

Then you can follow the steps below to install NSWhatsApp.

  • The APK file of the modified WhatsApp application has been downloaded.
  • Go to folder download by using File manager.
  • Find APK files then tap once to start installation.
  • Wait for the process installation is running.
  • When it is finished, open this WhatsApp application to do a test.

Security Tips When Using NSWhatsApp Mod Apk

Security Tips When Using WA Mod

Using modified WhatsApp is indeed very risky so you must follow the tips below so that you are still given security when using any application.

  • The first thing to do if you want to use this modified WhatsApp is to do a test. Try not to use the original account first to avoid learning that can be done quickly.
  • The application must use the latest version or at least the version follows WhatsApp on the Playstore.
  • Try not to use this application excessively, such as sending large amounts of files all the time. Moreover, without the pressing process, the system from WhatsApp will usually be easy to detect.
  • This application comes from an APK so if you are worried that there is a virus or malware, you can do the scanning process first.
  • There are times when the application cannot be used so you have to uninstall and then install the latest version again.

Modified WhatsApp applications such as NSWhatsApp are indeed an option if you want to get more features. But there are times when an application like this is actually detrimental to its use if it is used excessively.

Moreover, the server from the original WhatsApp also continues to carry out the transfer process and look for things that are considered to violate the rules. If you use it carelessly, your account may be blocked and cannot be used permanently.

In addition, this NSWhatsApp also has the potential to cause problems such as being exposed to viruses that can spread quickly. That is why you are advised to always be careful before using any modified WhatsApp application.