Office Healing Using Stand Up Comedy – Development stand up comedy in Indonesia today, it is considered positive, it has even become a new color in the world of comedy. Young people also see this as a promising profession.

The humor delivered by comics or comedians not only makes the audience’s stomach churn, but also gives a sense of humor story telling witty short so that the audience is sometimes invited to think, reflect or think critically in looking at things in our lives.

Plague stand up comedy also included in AdMedika, a third party insurance company under TelkomMetra. They have Willy F as Founder and President of Stand Up Comedy AdMedika; Amin as Founder and Comic; eL as Founder and Coach; and Wira as Comic.

They are ready to churn your stomach and share stories about twists and turns stand up comedy on the program ‘Community Week: Office Healing Using Stand Up Comedy’ today, Friday (4/3/2022) at 16.00 WIB which airs live streaming in YouTube

So, don’t forget, guys, ring the bell from now on!