Often Experience a Stiff Neck? Find out the causes and how to deal with them right here

Suara.com – For many people, experiencing a stiff neck is probably normal. However, you must fully understand what is the cause or trigger, and how to properly treat a stiff neck. Simple, so that this complaint is not prolonged and does not become a bigger problem.

Neck pain itself usually lasts a long time, and if left untreated it can spread to other parts of the body and cause more bothersome complaints. Therefore, it must be handled properly and quickly, in order to recover quickly and not interfere with activities.

What are the Causes?

In general, neck pain or stiff neck will be caused by the lack of smooth blood flow in this area. In addition, minor injuries can also trigger a stiff neck. Another trigger may be the wrong position when sitting or doing activities.

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In more detail, see the following points.

1. Minor Injury

The simplest cause may be a minor injury in the form of muscle spasms. This happens because of poor posture during activities, or too heavy physical activity is done.

Image illustration (freepik)
Image illustration (freepik)

2. Whiplash Injury

So called because it occurs when the head and neck jerked suddenly forward and backward. This will pull the soft tissues of the neck and spine, and cause damage.

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3. Arthritis

This condition causes the cartilage cushion between the vertebrae to erode so that the friction that occurs is more pronounced and triggers pain or stiffness in the neck.

4. Meningitis

A stiff and sore neck can also be caused by meningitis, which is inflammation of the fluid and membranes that surround the brain and spine.

5. Excessive Stress

One of the causes of a stiff neck and other pain is excessive stress. As you may have guessed, stress can indeed trigger a variety of different health conditions that are bad for your health.

6. Degenerative Disorder

This disorder is usually associated with the aging process, such as problems with the joints, spine, muscles, or parts of the neck. Can be caused by natural conditions or abnormalities.

Then how to solve it?

There are several ways to deal with it that are considered effective. However, in order to overcome this complaint in the long term, consistency and discipline need to be possessed.

  • Pain relievers, can help reduce pain in the short term.
  • Consistent and targeted physical therapy can help reduce neck stiffness or neck pain.
  • Performing surgery, clearly in accordance with the relevant doctor’s recommendations after in-depth observation and careful consideration.
  • Compress it, either with a cold or warm compress, stiff neck can feel more relaxed.
  • Doing regular stretching, preferably under the direction of a fitness expert or therapist, so that the stretching can be done more directed.

A little information regarding complaints of stiff neck and neck pain above, hopefully it can be useful information for you. Happy activity, and hopefully always healthy!