Often used by many people, doctors explain the dangers of these 4 natural lubricants for the vagina

Suara.com – Couples use lubricants to relieve discomfort and dryness between sexual intercourse.

The safest and most effective lubricants are those with properties similar to natural vaginal or rectal fluids, according to Medical News Today.

However, sometimes lubricants can affect sperm motility (the ability of sperm to swim to reach the egg) and will prevent fertilization.

So many couples replace the manufacturer’s lubricant products with natural ingredients.

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Here are some natural lubricants that are commonly used by the public and doctors’ opinions about their use:

1. Egg white

Some people report using egg whites as a natural lubricant.

Although egg whites may resemble vaginal discharge during ovulation, doctors do not recommend using them in the vagina because their safety is unknown.

2. Aloe vera

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Some people use aloe vera or aloe vera-based products as a natural lubricant.

However, applying aloe vera to the skin can cause side effects, such as redness, burning sensation, stinging sensation, rash, and allergic reactions.

During pregnancy, some women have used aloe vera and experienced uterine contractions.

The vagina and rectum have skin with different properties. So, it is likely that not all women will experience the same reaction to aloe vera.

3. Oil

Several studies from Africa investigated household items that could be used as vaginal lubricants.

They reported people using baby oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, and other oil-based products.

Although commercial lubricants are available in Africa, household items are popular for their affordability.

But oil-based products can damage condoms, increasing a person’s risk of having an unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

4. Yogurt

Some people use yogurt as a lubricant or treatment for yeast infections. Unflavored, unsweetened yogurt contains probiotics that people say can help form normal bacterial colonies in the vagina.

This claim is still unconfirmed by scientists, and people should avoid inserting yogurt into the vagina as a lubricant.