OGWhatsApp Apk Mod Download Latest Version 2022 Anti Banned

dukcapilmakassar.co.id – It’s actually very difficult to choose one of the dozens of modified WhatsApp applications out there. But if you have to choose the best one, it is recommended to use an application called OGWhatsApp.

This OGWhatsApp is the best modified version that is widely used by people today. The developer made a lot of changes to the standard WhatsApp so that a lot of new features were provided.

That is why it is recommended to always use the OGWhatsApp Mod Apk application. If you are still worried or want to find out more information related to OGWhatsApp, read more in the article below.

OGWhatsApp Review

OGWhatsApp Review

OGWhatsApp is one of several WhatsApp modification applications that are widely used today. The advantage of this OGWhatsApp when compared to others is that it has a size that is not too large so it can be installed on any cellphone.

In addition, OGWhatsApp is also more comfortable when used because it has a simple interface. So even if you just moved from the standard WhatsApp application, you won’t be confused or have to learn it again.

The most important thing if you want to use OGWhatsApp is to always get the latest version of the APK file. Avoid using the old OGWhatsApp APK file because there may be changes to the system that will cause you to be blocked.

For the criteria for mobile phones that can be used to use OGWhatsApp, this is actually free. The most important thing is that the cellphone uses RAM above 2 GB. In addition, the internal memory must also be above 3 GB to carry out the process of sending or receiving data.

Most importantly, OGWhatsApp can be used for various needs. One of them is to carry out standard conversations or it can also be used to carry out the process of managing business accounts.

OGWhatsApp Apk Featured Features

The excellent features of OGWhatsApp Apk are quite reliable for everyone. Here are some excellent features of the complete OG WhatsApp application.

1. Permanent Anti-Block

Permanent Anti Block

Anti-blocking capability is one of the most reliable features of this OGWhatsApp Apk. Usually the WhatsApp mod apk application is very prone to blocking, so some people use it for the main account.

They more often use a second account or a trial account first. By doing that, they can find out if the application can really be used properly or it will directly block the account.

If you use OGWhatsApp the blocking will likely be very small so you don’t have to worry. Although there will be blocking it is usually only done for those who use this application excessively.

2. App Lock

App Lock

Some WhatsApp applications do not have the ability to perform the testing process automatically. Usually the testing process will follow the default application or follow the cellphone used.

This means that other people can open your phone and then read all the contents on WhatsApp. You certainly don’t want to experience that, so it is recommended to use a modified application that can perform application testing or conversation locking.

So even if your cellphone is borrowed by someone else, you don’t have to worry. Because the message is in WhatsApp it will not be readable. If you want to read it must enter a keyword.

3. Send Scheduled Messages

Send Scheduled Message

The process of sending messages on a scheduled basis can usually only be done on business WhatsApp. In addition, you can also use third-party applications that will process the response quickly.

If you use the OGWhatsApp Apk application, you can send messages on a scheduled basis to other people. So when you are doing other work activities or are resting the message will be sent immediately on time.

In addition, it is likely that you can also schedule messages that will be sent automatically if there is an incoming chat. So the person who sent it will know whether you are busy or not.

4. Anti Delete Messages

Anti Delete Message

When someone sends a message and it is suddenly deleted, of course you will be curious about what is in it. In the standard WhatsApp application, the deletion can be done unilaterally so you will not know roughly what the contents of the message are.

On the other hand, if you use OGWhatsApp, which is a wa mod, the deleted message will be preserved. Even though on someone else’s WhatsApp the message has been deleted, the message on the cellphone you are using will still be there.

This means that you can use this application to find out what messages have been sent. Even if someone else deletes it quickly once you send it wrong, you can still read clearly.

5. Hide Activity and Status

Hide Activity and Status

If you use the original WhatsApp, it will be difficult to hide the activities carried out on WA. This can happen because there is indeed a policy to bring up activities including online status owned by people.

When using a modification application, such statuses can be hidden very easily and quickly. So you don’t have to worry if people will find out later when you’re online or having conversations with other people.

People will see If you are offline or online for a longer duration of time. So they will be more patient to wait and will not rush to get a reply from the sent chat.

6. Download Story

Download Story

The OGWhatsApp application can also be used easily to carry out the story download process. So far, if someone makes a story or post on their WhatsApp, you can only see it without being able to save it.

Even though sometimes there are pictures or videos that are interesting and can be used. By using this modified application, you can directly press the download button that is already available there.

So there’s no need to ask other people for permission or ask them to send pictures or videos. Especially if the person is not very familiar and asking for help like this would be very embarrassing.

7. More Diverse Views

More Diverse Views

The last feature offered by OGWhatsApp is a more diverse display. So far, when using standard WhatsApp, the display offered is very simple and all the components in it cannot be changed.

If you use the modified version, you can make the display more diverse so that it can be used for various needs. You can even make the design very unique and not matched by others.

This design or display can be made yourself or can also use an existing one and made by someone else. So you can choose for yourself which design is the most suitable and can be maximized.

Advantages of OGWhatsApp

Advantages of OGWhatsApp

There are many advantages that OGWhatsApp Mod Apk has. Here are some of the full advantages.

1. Easy to Update

The first advantage that WhatsApp has is that it is very easy to update. This means that if you want to update, you only need to get the latest apk file released by the developer.

By doing that you can immediately carry out the installation process as will be discussed below. Then the WhatsApp file or application will be automatically updated immediately

Do this once a month or at least a few weeks when the latest version is found. So you don’t have to worry about account safety when using it.

2. Light Application

OGWhatsApp is very light to use so it can be used for various needs. You can use an old version of Android phone or it can be with the latest version.

3. No Virus

OGWhatsApp is very well known and has been used by many people around the world. If you want to use this application, it is recommended to do the scanning process first to avoid viruses.

But from several experiments that have been carried out, it turns out that this application is indeed safe and will not contain viruses in it. So you can immediately carry out the installation process once you have the APK file.

Disadvantages of OGWhatsApp

Disadvantages of OGWhatsApp

Disadvantages of OGWhatsApp Apk that must be considered well. Here are some of the full drawbacks.

  • OGWhatsApp rarely updates so it’s enough that the boss has to wait for a few weeks.
  • Sometimes there are some features that cannot be run optimally.
  • OGWhatsApp is not proven to encrypt so that messages sent can be easily leaked.

Even though it has drawbacks, it doesn’t hurt to try this OGWhatsApp application if you want to use the modified WhatsApp application. Moreover, OGWhatsApp is widely used by technology activists in Indonesia.

Download OGWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 2022

Download App

Downloading the OGWhatsApp APK can be done directly with the link below or you can search for it on Google first.

App NameOGWhatsApp
VersionNewest 2022
File Size55 MB
Download LinkHere

It is possible that the link above is a slightly older version of OGWhatsApp. So you must first make sure the files are the most recent to avoid problems when installing.

How to Install OGWhatsApp Apk

How to Install

The installation process can be done simply although there are some changes that must be made. One of them is a change in the Android phone system where security or the security system must allow installation from unknown sources.

You can follow the steps below to change permissions:

  • Entered into Settings – Additional Settings.
  • search Security – Install from Unknown Sources.
  • Activate
  • The permit process is complete.

After doing the above method, you can directly install it in the following way.

  • Open the APK file which usually goes into the download folder.
  • Select the appropriate APK file.
  • Press to start installation and wait.
  • After it finishes can directly opened and tested using any account.

Tips to Avoid Blocking

Tips to Avoid Blocking

In order to avoid any blocking, it is recommended to follow some of the tips below carefully.

  • Only use it when necessary.
  • Avoid sending too many files and the size is also large.
  • Make sure to update regularly.

This OGWhatsApp application is very useful for various purposes because it can perform its functions optimally. If you use this application, various interesting features can be maximized.

One of them is being able to hide privacy or guard it well. By using OGWhatsApp, things like this can be maximized. It can even be used for sending large amounts of data.

The point is, if you want to use this application, you don’t have to worry. Although the risk of being blocked still exists, you can still work around this by not using this application excessively and doing a trial first with a second account.