Okay Money-Making VPN Review, Does It Really Pay?

JSMedia – Did you know about the money-making Okay VPN app? Yes, these tools, which were just released in March 2022, also enliven many applications that promise income for their users.

Uniquely, not only making money, this application provides free VPN services for its users. So, there are two advantages offered if you download the application.

Okay Money Making VPN Review

Okay Money Making VPN Review

Okay VPN Money Maker is a VPN service provider application, with faster internet access and can open blocked applications. According to developer information on the Google Play Store, the use of the wide guard protocol allows users to surf quickly.

In addition, Okay VPN also provides a choice of servers from many countries. This means that you can also access various blocked websites in Indonesia. The developer also promises that your data will not be tracked thanks to the encryption system.

Okay VPN is also ad-free, so your surfing activity won’t be interrupted by promotional breaks. What’s more, you can even make money using this app.

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System Requirements Okay VPN

App NameOkay VPN – Speed ​​Up Network
Android Requirements7.0 and Up
File Size16 MB
DeveloperOK Digital

Download Okay Money Making VPN

Download Okay Money Making VPN

If you are interested in using this application, you can download it through the Play Store. In fact, since its release on March 1, this application has recorded more than 50 thousand downloads.

  • Enough with Google Play Store access
  • Then type the OK VPN keyword in the search field.
  • After the download page opens
  • You can click install.
  • Then just wait for the application to be installed on your device.

In addition to downloading via the Google Play Store, you can also download via a special link to make your search easier below, namely

Download OK VPN

This can be an alternative if you have trouble finding it on the official app store.

How to Earn Money from Okay VPN Apps

Okay Money Making VPN Review

When you download it, maybe you also want to earn money from this application, right? For that, let’s understand how this application works in making money.

1. First, when finished downloading and registering, users will get a reward in the form of IDR 10,000. This means, just by registering, users already get benefits.

2. Next, if you enter an invitation code from someone else, you will get an additional Rp. 5000. Later if you already have your own code and share it with friends, there is still a potential income of Rp. 5 thousand more.

3. If you want to earn big, users should spread their referral code to more people. That way, the potential for someone to download the Okay VPN app that makes money through your code is even higher.

4. In addition to spreading the referral code. There are more ways to make money through this application. Users can give a rating and get a prize money of IDR 5000.

How much money do you get when you enter the referral code Okay VPN Earning?

If you want to download and don’t have someone else’s referral code, you can enter OK1JXU. So, during registration, by entering the code, you can immediately get an additional Rp. 5 thousand in reward.

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Is Okay Really a Scam Money Making VPN?

Okay Money Making VPN Review

The lure of money from this money-making Okay VPN application is indeed interesting, isn’t it? However, you should be aware before downloading it. The reason is, not a few money-making applications that turn out to be just scams.

Is Okay this VPN a scam? Actually, there is no clarity about this. Given that this application is still very new, there are still few reviews from previous users.

So, there is still no proof whether it is true to pay or not. In addition, VPN services are also prone to phishing, thus making your personal data insecure.

The final word

That was the review of Okay VPN for making money. It’s good not to be immediately tempted by the lure of the gift. Check first and find as much information as possible before feeling sure. The important thing is to protect your personal data.