Olympic site removes Chinese athletes’ citizenship info

The mystery surrounding the nationality of US-born Chinese Olympic star Eileen Gu is deepening.

VOA found that two Olympic sites removed contradictory information about his status, shortly after he won his first gold medal at the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

The 18-year-old freestyle skier sparked speculation over his status in a press conference following his win on Tuesday. At that time, he did not clearly answer several reporters’ questions about whether he was still a US citizen.

Gu was born in San Francisco and was born a US citizen. His father is American and his mother is an immigrant from China. Gu, who grew up in the US, decided to play for China in 2019.

However, the background of the change is not clear.

Under Rule 41 of the Olympic Charter, Gu must be a Chinese national in order to represent the country. However, Article 8 of China’s Citizenship Law states that a person who is naturalized as a citizen “may not have foreign citizenship.”

US officials have not commented on whether Gu has renounced his US citizenship, a decision they usually treat as a private issue. [vm/ft]