Omah Kayu Malang, Opening Hours, Entrance Ticket and Location

Omah Kayu Malang is actually an inn, but because the place is unique, it’s not uncommon for people to come here just to take pictures. The scenery and atmosphere of the wooden house location is very exotic.

Opening hours:09.00-17.00 WIB
Ticket price:Rp. 5,000/person
Address:Jl. Mt. Many, Gunungsari, Bumiaji, Batu City, East Java 65312
Public facilities:Mosque, lodging, photo spots, etc
Access Road:Well
Online Maps:View Maps
Wood House

Omah Kayu Malang

Is an inn that is on top of a pine tree. Call it the name of the tree house or Tree House.

With the main raw material of the best quality wood, enjoy visiting these tree houses without any fear of the tree house collapsing or other bad things.

Everything is under control, sleeping or spending the night at Omah Kayu is also suitable.

Because this tree house is closed so tightly, so even if you sleep near carbon which emits carbon dioxide at night, it is still safe for you to live in.

When you enter this area, you will be greeted by a ‘Omah Kayu’ sign, looking down a little will see the slogan ‘Not Just Tree House’.

And it’s true, Omah Kayu is not just a place to stay.

Those of you who aim to enjoy the tree house without any intention of staying the night can also. Moreover, there are lots of interesting spots to take pictures.

As for other pleasures you can feel in the form of seeing paragliding activities floating in the air. You can be a connoisseur of the scenery, or even you who play paragliding can too.

But apart from lodging, the main focus is on photo spots.

Omah Kayu Photo Spot

There are many interesting spots in Omah Kayu. You will not be short of ideas for style in this place. And the most chosen spot is above the tree house.

Before taking pictures, make sure that the house you are going to take a photo of is not rented by someone else. Because if it has been rented, visitors are usually prohibited from going there.

Taking photos is better when taken from the top of a tree, entering the tree house is also good. Given the unique interior and which is definitely all wood, it will add class to your photo shots.

Taking pictures on the tree house steps is still okay. But it’s better if your background takes a natural view around the alias forest.

Come in any weather still delicious. When it’s sunny, rainy or foggy the photos are still beautiful.

For example, foggy photos. Instead of making photos ugly, the photos are even more interesting, mysterious haunteds, how about that.

With an altitude of 1,340 above sea level, the air is fresh, cool and beautiful, supported by interesting spots, you have nothing to lose by stopping by this place.

Omah Kayu Ticket Prices

If you are only visiting, not staying, you are only charged 10,000.

Meanwhile, if you want to rent a room for one night, you will be charged 350,000 for weekdays, and 450,000 for weekends.

On weekends, many tourists visit. If you want to find solitude, you can come during weekdays.

Especially for single people, anti coming on weekends. Because there are so many people dating.

The prices above are very affordable for overnight or short visits.

Lucky if you stay overnight, because at night, you will be given an interesting view of the lights from the house or building in the city of Malang.

And for those who visit briefly? Can you enjoy it?

Unfortunately no. Visitors who do not stay overnight must leave before 5 pm.

Location of Omah Kayu

The location of Omah Kayu is very difficult to pass by more than four-wheeled vehicles. Around it there are steep roads that if you drive the wrong way can make you fall into the road.

It is preferable to use private vehicles rather than public transportation. Also, make sure the driver is an experienced person.

Forget about how difficult the road to Omah Kayu is, this tour also happens to be close to another famous tourist attraction in Malang, East Java.

These tours include Batu Paragliding, Rabbit Park, Museum Angkut, Jatim Park 2, Eco Green Park, Coban Rondo and many more.

So after going to Omah Kayu, you can go directly to other tourist attractions without taking too long a trip.

For the exact location of Omah Kayu, it is on Mt. Many, Gunungsari, Bumiaji, Batu City, East Java 65312.

There are many routes that can be taken to get to Omah Kayu. For example, the route from Songgoriti, or directly from Malang City.

To make it easier, use Google Maps. He will give you the best, fastest route. Also be careful with the road, don’t be too fast.

Many teenagers come to Omah Kayu, especially if the purpose is not to take photos.

But there is something that must be considered, before climbing into the tree house, pay attention to the maximum transport of the tree house. That avoids the risk of the house collapsing.

And thank you so much for your attention that has read this article to the end.

Wood Omah Photo Gallery

Wood House
Wood House
Wood House
Wood House
Omah Kayu Batu Malang

No wonder this place is always crowded, because it is unique and the natural scenery around is very good. So how? when are you going to visit the wooden house?