One of them is vomiting, these are the 6 main signs of head injury in toddlers according to doctors – Toddlers sometimes have a hard time telling their parents how they feel. Although most head injuries are not serious, they can be difficult to spot in young children.

To educate parents about this, a pediatrician describes six hidden signs of head injury in children to watch out for.

Pediatrician Carole Keim of Boulder, Colorado, said there were several cases of children requiring emergency care.

The main signs are:

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1. Vomit
2. Personality changes
3. Signs of a stroke
4. Severe headache
5. Skull feels ; crunchy ‘
6. Fainted and woke up again

“For toddlers, a sign that they have a serious head injury is if they vomit twice or more,” Keim said in a TikTok video.

Signs of a head injury in toddlers (TikTok)
Signs of a head injury in toddlers (TikTok)

He continued personality changes marked by their behavior that suddenly changed from usual.

“If they have signs like a stroke, if they are limping, or they speak slurred and one side of their body moves differently from the other, that could be a sign of a serious head injury.” The Sun.

If your child has a severe headache that doesn’t go away after taking paracetamol or ibuprofen, that could be a sign.

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Another sign is if the toddler has a change in mental status.

“If they’re really acting up, or if they pass out and wake up and then pass out again. That’s a very big ‘red flag’ and you have to get them to the ER.”

Head injuries that are not serious, parents can treat them at home. For example, applying ice to the injured area to reduce swelling, according to the UK’s NHS healthcare system.

The child should also rest, avoid stress and take ibuprofen or paracetamol to relieve pain or headaches.