OnlyFans Become a Cuan Field for Today’s Young Girls? – If you’ve seen creator Daniel Mac’s content on Instagram or TikTok, he’s asked several women who drive supercar models.

The content created by Daniel Mac is unique. The influencer suddenly came to people who were enjoying driving luxury cars, and asked about their work.

“What do you do for a living?” asked Daniel Mac, who wanted to know what their occupations were—those who drive billion-dollar cars.

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Among these women are not ashamed if the income they get comes from OnlyFans.

YupOnlyFans can be an easy space for women to use to make money by taking advantage of their curves.

Where the eyes of men who are thirsty with wild imaginations are willing to give saweran to their idols at OnlyFans with values ​​that sometimes don’t make sense.

Now, OnlyFans is being discussed with Indonesian netizens, because one of the OnlyFans artist named Dea was arrested by the Ditreskrimsus Polda Metro Jaya in a room in the Malang area, East Java, on Thursday (24/3/2022) night.

Maybe some of you don’t know what OnlyFans is?

Before Dea was arrested by the police in connection with an alleged pornography case, she had stopped by at Deddy Corbuzier’s video podcast, which aired on March 9.

Podcast entitled ‘I’m Free Boegil on Only Fans!! Wooow – How Safe ‘it has been watched almost 4 million times when this article was written.

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According to Dea to Deddy Corbuzier, the content on OnlyFans does not only indulge in sensuality. Many also create art training content, including music.

“OnlyFans was created for creators’ content, which is indeed paid content,” said Dea.

Being an OnlyFans artist, Dea admitted that she only shared sexy photos with topless.

He gets paid USD 7 or around Rp. 100,000 (exchange rate of Rp. 14,340 per USD) from each subscribe. However, he did not get all of the money because the OnlyFans platform had to cut it by 20 percent.

“Enter to me 5.4 dollars (USD),” said Dea, who claimed to already have 300 subscribe OnlyFans this.

The reason why Dea doesn’t make live content is because to enter OnlyFans, you must use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Moreover, he said, in Indonesia the VPN network is slow.

Pornography is all over social media

No matter how hard the government works to block pornographic content on the internet, those who like this content will try to find loopholes to get it. Especially with the VPN.

On Twitter, we can also see sensual content has become a common sight. However, maybe they didn’t go viral so only Dea this time suddenly got caught by the police.

Or, maybe because Dea’s confession was so outspoken that it became the center of attention of netizens.

In addition, Dea is a guest star on Deddy Corbuzier’s video podcast, which also subscribes to high-profile officials, including Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan to Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati.

However, the police have denied that Dea’s arrest was due to her confession on the Deddy Corbuzier podcast.

Director of Criminal Investigation at Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Auliansyah Lubis told the media on Friday (25/3) that Dea’s arrest based on cyber patrols had been active in creating sensual content for a long time, so it had nothing to do with being a guest star on Deddy Corbuzier’s video podcast.

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