Opener Dragon Age Origins From Each Race/Class

Dragon Age Origins was indeed released 9 years ago, but this game still gives the impression and experience of an exciting RPG game. One of the attractions of Dragon Age Origins is the dark story that is filled with blood splattered everywhere. In terms of gameplay, Dragon Age Origins carries the gameplay mechanics of the Dungeon and Dragons RPG games. Even though it’s fun, the AI ​​in this game is sometimes annoying and takes actions that we don’t want, so BioWare presents a tactical feature that allows you to manage one character at a time. This RPG game also has an interesting feature, namely that every conversation determines the storyline. Not only that, it also affects your love story.

In addition, the most interesting thing offered by a game made by one of the best RPG game developers who has spawned many masterpieces is a different story depending on the class or race you chose when you first created your character. Maybe some of you have never tried this RPG game, or some of you have just finished one of several classes. For those of you who haven’t tried playing this game or trying other classes and races, you can follow this article on Buddygame. Let’s follow the article about the initial story of this RPG game made by EA and Bioware according to each race or class until the end.

Story of Dragon Age Origins: Human Noble

When you choose human or human, there are three classes that you can choose, including Warrior, Rogue, and also Mage. However, for the Warrior and Rogue classes, you will follow a story with a Human Noble or noble background. When you choose this storyline, you will become the son of a noble Highever from the Cousland family. This story begins with your father and brother’s plan to stop Blight and fight Darkspawn.

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Before that, while the main protagonist’s father and brother were at war, you were asked to keep an eye on Highever. However, the castle is attacked by a group of troops who turn out to be friends of your father. This group of troops also seems to have ambitions to rule the world. Then you will face an army that invades the castle where you live. After the war, the adventure continues as the main protagonist becomes a Gray Warden.

Story of Dragon Age Origins: City Elf

If you have watched the Lord of the Rings series, the elves or fairies in the world of the film trilogy have a very honorable place. However, on the contrary, in this RPG game made by EA and Bioware, the Elves who live in the city of Denerim live in slum areas. They generally worked as laborers or slaves. If you choose a City Elf background, the story begins with the marriage of the main protagonist who will marry the bride resulting from an arranged marriage.

Unfortunately, the wedding is ruined by a kidnapper who kidnaps your wife and several other women. In the background story of City Elf, gender selection has an important role in the story. If you choose a male gender, you will be asked to free the hostage and your wife by breaking through the castle. If you choose a female gender, you will try to free yourself from the castle and the castle guards will kill your husband. Duncan’s position here is to protect you. However, there is something that comes at a cost: you have to become a Gray Warden.

Story of Dragon Age Origins: Dalish Elf

Unlike the fairies who live in the city, the Dalish Elf are a group of Elves who seclude themselves from human cities and form a community. First of all you will be faced with some humans who find strange things in a cave. Of course Duncan has an important role in this story. Here Duncan will heal a deadly curse on the main protagonist that was obtained because of the mirror he found in the cave.

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Noble Dwarf Story

Not only humans can become nobles, Dwarves or dwarves can too. The story begins with the main character who is the second son of the Dwarf king who has just been appointed commander of an army that aims to fight Darkspawn. Since the life of a Dwarf noble is full of betrayals, you must accept that you were banished from the kingdom. Duncan here has a role as a guest of the king who has a mission to eliminate Darkspawn.

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Commoner Draw Story

Unlike the noble Dwarves living in Ferelden who had respectable backgrounds, the Commoner Dwarfs had to work underground and work as miners. Besides, Dwarf Commoner doesn’t know the caste system. In the story of Dwarf Commoner, you are a member of a bandit named Berath who has a job as a debt collector. Duncan here is the one who invites the main character to become the Gray Warden in order to avoid punishment for killing Berath.

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Mage’s Story

This class can be used by both Human and Elf classes. Mage’s story begins with the Circle of Magi tower where wizards gather under the supervision of the Templars and the Chantry (religious people in Ferelden) to study magic. Duncan here is looking for a Mage to join the Gray Warden.