Optimism Jorge Martin Wins MotoGP World Title

Jorge Martin failed to get on the podium at the Qatar MotoGP 2022 race. The Pramac Racing driver was unable to finish the race due to an accident with Francesco Bagnaia on lap twelve.

The results are not okay The Martinator it really disappointed him. However, he remains optimistic that he can win this season. Jorge Martin also hopes to embrace the MotoGP world title.

1. Jorge Martin believes in his potential in his pursuit of the MotoGP world title

Optimism Jorge Martin Wins MotoGP World Title Jorge Martin at the 2022 Qatar GP (motogp.com)

Jorge Martin actually has several targets to be achieved in the near future. One of them is to win the world title. He could not predict when he could win that prestigious title. However, Martin is confident in his potential to win the title.

“I can become a MotoGP world champion. Either this year or next year. However, I believe that I can.

I have potential and it is within my purpose. Everyone knows my potential and they know how far I can go. Maybe I’m not considered a candidate, but I have the potential to achieve it,” Martin said Motorcycle Sports.

2. The Martinator aspires to be a Ducati first team rider

Optimism Jorge Martin Wins MotoGP World Title Jorge Martin in front of Francesco Bagnaia at the 2022 Qatar GP. (motogp.com)

In addition to targeting the MotoGP world title, Jorge Martin also wants to become a racer in the main Ducati team, namely the Ducati Lenovo Team. The racer with motorcycle number 89 did not deny that it was his main goal.

“It’s very clear that that’s almost our main goal, apart from the results. If we are up front then we will be where we belong.” The Martinator.

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3. Jorge Martin views the Desmosedici as a complete package bike

Optimism Jorge Martin Wins MotoGP World Title Jorge Martin at the 2022 Qatar GP (motogp.com)

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Regarding his assessment of the Desmosedici, Jorge Martin has his own views. According to him, the motor is a complete package. However, he feels the motors from other manufacturers are no less good. That makes the current competition very fierce.

“I don’t think any bike is currently above the others. I think this year another manufacturer is very close.

However, the people in the teams we have at Pramac Racing and Ducati are amazing and put a lot of passion in them. That’s why we have a bike that has improved over the last few years.” Motosan.

4. Jorge Martin says the Desmosedici will be the best bike if it wins the world title

Optimism Jorge Martin Wins MotoGP World Title Jorge Martin ahead of Qatar 2022 GP race (motogp.com)

Despite calling the Desmosedici a complete package, Jorge Martin thinks it doesn’t make it the best bike. Because, the benchmark that the Spanish racer has set is the achievement of the world title.

“I think there are other bikes that win. One that has won the world championship is Yamaha. So, I think the best is Yamaha. We have to keep working. Until we win the world title, we will not be the best bike,” said Martin.

5. Jorge Martin will treat the crew on a trip to Cuba if they can achieve three victories

Optimism Jorge Martin Wins MotoGP World Title Jorge Martin vacationed with his team crew to Punta Cana. (motogp.com)

Jorge Martin vacationed with his crew to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, in 2021. He did this to fulfill his promise to take a vacation if he was able to reach the podium in the second half of the 2021 MotoGP.

Martin at that time won the Styria GP. Cheers echoed in the garage after he reached the highest podium.

“This year we set the target of winning three races. If I could do it, we’d go to Cuba. It’s hard, but I have a chance. Last year, I motivated them with Punta Cana. I always keep them motivated with something,” said Martin.

Will Jorge Martin be able to keep his promise to the crew to vacation in Cuba at the end of the season? Interesting to wait!

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