Optimizing Xpora, BNI Invites MSMEs to Coffee Business Matching

Jakarta, IDN Times – PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI continues to expand the BNI Xpora program amidst the increasing potential for domestic product exports for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

BNI collaborated with the National Support for Local Investment Climate (NSLIC), the Canadian Embassy, ​​the Philippine Embassy, ​​the German Embassy, ​​and PT Sarinah to hold a business matching to open up opportunities for Indonesian MSME products to go global. This time, BNI-assisted MSMEs that have coffee businesses are included in the program business matching the.

This collaboration was confirmed at the 2022 Ijen Coffee Market International Business Matching event, earlier this week. In business matching In this case, MSME actors, especially from the country’s coffee industry, will meet with candidates buyers from Canada, Germany, and the Philippines.

1. The government is proactive in encouraging MSMEs to advance to class

Optimizing Xpora, BNI Invites MSME Coffee Business Matching to Advance ClassBNI MSME Business Director Muhammad Iqbal in a collaboration event four institutions were mobilized to open the Philippine market for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), Thursday (11/18/2021). (Doc. BNI)

BNI’s MSME Business Director, Muhammad Iqbal, said that as a contributor of approximately 60% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and also absorbing approximately 90% of the total workforce in the country, MSMEs are the main driving force for Indonesia’s economic growth.

The government is also proactive in encouraging MSMEs to advance to class and become players in the global market with various fiscal policies. However, this initiative requires cooperation from various parties, in order to realize MSMEs that are internationally competitive.

“The International Business Matching event is a tangible manifestation of how synergistic cooperation between BNI, Sarinah, NSLIC, and various embassies of friendly countries (in order) to form support system for Indonesian SMEs. Thus, MSMEs gain access to foreign markets, one of which is access to a wider market, which is one of the main challenges for MSMEs to develop their business,” he said.

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2. MSME Portfolio penetrates 20%

Optimizing Xpora, BNI Invites MSME Coffee Business Matching to Advance ClassBNI Seoul Brings Indonesian Exporters together with South Korean Buyers. (Doc. BNI)

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Iqbal continued this collaboration in line with the BNI program, Xpora, which wants to support the Indonesian MSME ecosystem to Go Productive, Go Digitaland Go Global, and strengthen cooperation with the Indonesian diaspora ecosystem. Moreover, this segment can collaborate well with BNI branches in various countries.

“This effort is also in line with the enthusiasm of investors, coffee lovers from various countries. Their passion drives us to continue working to produce the best and quality products for everyone to enjoy. We hope to pave the way to a wider market, increase the coffee business, and become an important part of the global market,” he said.

Furthermore, Iqbal said that BNI’s credit portfolio in 2021 given to MSMEs has so far reached 20.1%, and continues to grow positively in line with the national economic recovery after being depressed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BNI also has roadmap which is quite clear in the development of this MSME segment credit. BNI hopes to become a contributor in encouraging the expansion of national MSME loans by up to 30 percent in 2024.

“We are also more active in increasing the business of customers and debtors through the formation of an ecosystem digital value chain integrated as a financing solution and transaction services from upstream to downstream. Through various banking products and services, we strive to proactively support the business development of BNI partners,” he said.

3. Sarinah, a platform to showcase local products produced by MSMEs

Optimizing Xpora, BNI Invites MSME Coffee Business Matching to Advance ClassSarinah’s Managing Director, Fetty Kwartati. (Doc. Special)

As a bank with global business advantages, BNI is also proactive in encouraging our customers and debtors to explore while increasing the penetration of MSME products and services into international markets. BNI also supports this ecosystem by champion a program called BNI Xpora that connects various export and diaspora business actors in one more measurable business movement.

“BNI’s overseas branches do not only provide services, but also actively inform various opportunities for overseas market expansion,” said Iqbal.

Meanwhile, Sarinah’s Managing Director, Fetty Kwartati, said that Sarinah was a platform to showcase local products produced by MSMEs, especially women entrepreneurs.

“Event business matching this reminds Sarinah to remain an authentic business entity and not to forget its grass roots. We really support this event, because this event is a form of reflection related to the formation of local MSME characters that are independent and resilient in facing many uncertainties and threats,” said Fetty. (WEB)

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