Order of Valorant Rank from Highest to Lowest – GOODGAME.ID

Valorant is an FPS game made by Riot games which was published in June 2020. This game is included in a new game, but it is quite popular considering the number of players that continues to grow. The existence of a valorant rank order or ranked mode makes this game a lot of fans.

There are 8 ranks in Valorant which are divided into three tiers, but this division is not found at the highest rank. This system according to the players is competitive enough that they are interested in playing it. The following is the ranking of the Valorant game.

Highest Rank – Radiant

The highest rank in Valorant is Radiant, which consists of the best players. Radiant usually contains pro players and streamers whose playing skills are already very high. This can be seen from the difficulty of reaching this rank.

The logo of Radiant is also very elegant and attractive, showing its prestigious value. Many players are trying to reach this rank.

Second Rank, Immortal

This rank position is just below Radiant. Although it doesn’t contain many pro players, the Immortal rank is filled by players who are used to playing FPS type games.

The number of players at the Immortal rank reaches around 11 thousand more players who are in one server region. At the top immortal rank, usually players will often meet pro players.

Diamond Rank

The third order in the Valorant rank is Diamond, this rank is also included in the highest rank in Valorant. Players at this rank usually have very neat aims. Gamesensesnya also much better than the players below him.

It’s just that, at this rank, the stack capacity for a party is only five people, that too for Diamond 2. While for Diamond 3 and above the number is only for two people.

Middle Rank – Platinum

If the three previously discussed ranks are included in the ranks of the highest rank, this time there is a Platinum rank which is included in the middle rank. Characteristically, players at this rank are almost similar to the rank below, namely gold.

The difference is that the aim at this rank is very neat. In Platinum 3, the player characteristics are even better.

Rank with Most Players – Gold

In a game there is usually a rank with the most player capacity compared to other ranks. Gold, is the order of Valorant’s rank with the highest number when viewed from statistical data.

Still in the middle order, players at this rank are able to master the aim and skill of the agent. Usually they also have a strategy when doing side plants and side defenders.

Silver Rank

Before reaching gold rank, players will be at silver rank. Players at this rank are usually players who are starting to learn crosshair placement and aim. Being in the bottom three of this rank is quite easy to play but also difficult.

The reason is that a high MMR account at this rank will make him often meet with a gold rank. Of course the chances of winning are getting smaller.

Ranks That Often Get New Players Stuck – Bronzer

At this rank, there are three tiers that must be passed in order to reach silver rank. Games at this rank can be said to be quite easy because the players are beginners. Unfortunately, many players are stuck at this rank and find it difficult to reach the top rank.

Rank for Beginners – Iron

New players are at this Iron rank, and usually players at this rank are players who have just tried FPS. Just like Bronzer, there are three tiers to go through at this rank.

Players are required to collect 100 Rank Ratings on each tier. The goal is that players can reach the next Valorant rank order, namely the Bronzer rank. Interested in trying this game’s rank mode?