Other Countries Have Bye Bye Covid-19, China Is Still Troubled With Lockdown

Suara.com – The world’s daily Covid-19 infections have fallen again. The number of new cases was recorded at 889,908 worldwide in the last 24 hours, becoming the second day with the addition of new infections below 1 million.

Meanwhile, the death toll increased by 2,622 people at the same time.

Global accumulation of Covid-19 data as of Tuesday (29/3/2022) at 08.00 WIB recorded 482.81 million positive cases with 6.15 million deaths, data from the worldometers website.

The World Health Organization (WHO) noted that the decline in positive cases had indeed occurred in the past week. It’s just that some countries, especially in Asia, are still experiencing an increase in positive cases.

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One of them is China. The country that first reported infection with the SARS Cov-2 corona virus is currently again having to implement a lockdown in a number of cities.

Illustration of the corona virus, covid-19.  (Pexels/@Anna Nandhu Kumar)
Illustration of the corona virus, covid-19. (Pexels/@Anna Nandhu Kumar)

China’s financial center in Shanghai even imposed a two-stage lockdown and ‘locked up’ 26 million residents since Monday (28/3). Local municipalities closed bridges and tunnels and restricted road traffic in an effort to contain a spike in Covid-19 cases.

The fast lockdown was announced by the local government on Sunday (27/3) night. So that it will divide the most populous city in China from along the Huangpu River for nine days to be tested for Covid-19 by health workers.

Residents to the east of Huangpu have been ‘locked up’ in their homes. Some said that health workers began carrying out Covid-19 tests in their homes as early as 7am on Monday (28/3), Reuters reports.

Meanwhile, residents living in the west rushed to hoard food and other belongings, thinking they would also be isolated due to the lockdown starting April 1. Delivery services are overwhelmed and supermarkets are running out of stock.

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“Many wholesale markets are now closed. Some traders are reluctant to buy vegetables. If we can’t get vegetables from wholesalers or the wet markets are closed, we run out,” said Bi Yingwu, a stall owner in Shanghai, China.