Pain Appears When Urinating, Beware of Symptoms of the Corona Covid-19 Virus – Corona virus infection is not limited to the respiratory system. Viruses that multiply in the respiratory tract can affect other parts of the body affecting every organ and causing various symptoms.

Two years after the pandemic, it was revealed that a contagious virus can affect our heart, muscles, brain and other sense organs. Now new evidence has been revealed showing how the virus can even affect the urinary system causing urinary tract infections (UTIs).

A urinary tract infection (UTI) can affect any part of the urinary system – the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra.

Most of the time the infection involves the lower urinary tract – the bladder and urethra. Urine does not contain bacteria and moves through the urinary system without contamination. Bacteria enter the body from the outside and cause infection and inflammation, which is known as a UTI.

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Corona Virus Illustration.  (Pixabay)
Corona Virus Illustration. (Pixabay)

UTI problems are more common in women compared to men because in women the urethra from which urine is excreted from the body is shorter and closer to the anus, a common type of bacteria called E. coli bacteria is found. If the infection is confined to the bladder, it can be painful and bothersome. In serious cases, it can spread to the kidneys. UTIs are generally treated with antibiotics.

Although UTIs are mostly caused by problems with hygiene, sexual activity, use of certain birth control pills, and also because of menopause, a recent study suggests that infection can also be a cause.

The infectious virus affects the lower tract, causing the typical symptoms of a UTI. Surprisingly, UTIs due to coronavirus infection are more common in men compared to women. People who are hospitalized for severe infections are more likely to develop a UTI than other people.

Another study conducted to understand the relationship between SARS-CoV-2 infection and male genitalia demonstrated lower urinary tract involvement. In men, discomfort or pain in the male genital system is a common symptom of a UTI caused by the coronavirus.

During the study, it was observed that 8 patients suffered from scrotal discomfort, 14 from swelling of the genitals, 16 from pain and 1 from erythema. Although men with mild infections did not develop a UTI, they did show a significant reduction in sperm concentration.

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Typical symptoms of a UTI when suffering from coronavirus include: