Painful, this woman’s legs are swollen and full of ulcers after being bitten by a mysterious animal – A woman recently revealed that a mysterious bite left her leg swollen and covered with ulcers. The bite occurred while Fern Wolmad was traveling in Senegal in 2017.

The 48-year-old woman from Heckmondwike, Yorkshire, shared a gruesome image of her leg showing the extent of the painful wound covering most of her calf.

After suffering for years with cellulitis and lymphedema, she couldn’t sleep with pain like “someone has poured acid into an open wound.”

Reporting from The Sun, he was recently hospitalized with a potentially fatal septic infection, he was at his wits end.

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“I get very aggressive cellulitis, and because my legs are so swollen, they rupture and sometimes become ulcerated. I have eleven ulcers at the moment. So I’m stuck in a vicious cycle, and I live with the threat of sepsis all the time.” .

Fern said he was bitten during a family trip to Africa. She and her daughter teach Math and English to schoolchildren in The Gambia.

The mother initially received antibiotics from a local doctor who suspected that she had been bitten by a spider, snake or mosquito. But the day after returning to the UK, he developed a “big blister” that kept him in hospital for several weeks.

Now, amid continuing concerns that she may still have to undergo an amputation, the mother is dealing with additional swelling that has left her feet swollen by four shoe sizes.

“I was a size seven now I’m a size 11, and they don’t make women’s shoes in size 11 so I had to buy men’s shoes.”

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Fern is now seeking treatment and raising money through GoFundMe and hopes to undergo private liposuction treatment to try to reduce the inflammation in her leg.