Pandawa Beach Bali, Facilities, Location and Entrance Ticket Prices

Pandawa Beach is one of the study tour destinations, so don’t be surprised if this tourist attraction is always crowded. In addition to complete facilities, this place also has a very large parking area.

Opening hours:07.00-17.00 WIB
Ticket price:Rp. 5,000/person
Address: Jl. Pandawa Beach, Nusa Dua, Kutuh, South Kuta, Badung Regency
Bali 80361
Public facilities:Gazebo, food stalls, toilets, prayer rooms, parking lots etc.
Access Road:Very good
Online Maps:View Maps
Pandawa Beach

Bali is a dream island for every travel buddy who has just seen it from pictures. This area with millions of charms is indeed worthy of being used as a vacation area when the long red date comes.

One of the areas that must be visited when going to this island is Pandawa Beach (wikipedia). Where, this area is called the most beautiful place in Bali that will never be forgotten and always brings longing.

Description of Bali Pandawa Beach

This beach seems to present a sweet memory that will not be forgotten. Where, travel buddies will always miss this charming place, anesthetize every lover of beach attractions and feel like coming again and again.

When looking at Pandawan Beach from a distance, this area is already waving its hands through the white sands on the beach. Residents around this tourist attraction know Pandawa beach by the name of Kutuh.

So, if you are confused about finding a way to get here and have to ask the residents. Just ask the name of this area as kutuh. Perhaps, most of them will understand and immediately show the way.

Lately, Pandawa Beach is often visited by Indonesian travel buddies. It’s rare for travel buddies from abroad to visit a place that has a very cool breeze and makes the heart feel peaceful, dissolves in its beauty.

The uniqueness of this place compared to other areas is the presence of traditional massage or pandawa spa. Just imagine, enjoy its beauty and lie down and get a massage. Truly, an undeniable heaven on earth.

The waves here are quite friendly, so it’s quite safe to swim with your family. Because, enjoying the beach will indeed feel less if you have not swam until, the whole body is wet by sea water.

If you don’t want to get wet, maybe you can take advantage of the canoe facilities provided by the manager. Surround the beach with guaranteed safety equipment. So, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Well, in addition to massage, travel buddies can also take advantage of the relaxing area on the beach by sitting on a swing. Enjoying childhood by playing on the swing on the beach. It’s a nuance that will not be forgotten in the slightest.

There are times when the waves in this area will be very friendly with surfers. Therefore, for travel buddies who like this extreme sport. You can take advantage of Pandawa Beach to boost your adrenaline.

The last is to enjoy paragliding rides. The heart will really be driven in such a way. So, screams will be heard. This is one way to release the burden and fatigue that has been piling up and tormenting in the heart.

After being satisfied with playing water, playing with sand and maybe a spa. It’s time for travel buddies to eat. Here, there are many stalls selling various kinds of food menus that are able to shake the tongue.

The last experience is to enjoy the sunset slowly descending and sinking. Here, travel buddies can see how the beauty of the aurora sky is very charming. Really, there is nothing like the Pandawa beach in terms of the charm of the sunset.

Security issues, this beach can be said to have the number one level of security. Where, the management has provided an ambulance that is ready to take travel buddies who are at any time affected by a disaster or illness who suffers from a relapse.

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Location of Pandawa Beach

The location of this area is located in south kuta, Badung regency, Bali, located behind the hills which causes most people to call it a secret beach. Depart from Ngurah Rai airport. Using the route by way of pas ngurah rai.

Then continue the journey to the Udayana University campus road. Then, direct the vehicle to goa gong road, head to dharmawangsa road. Arriving at the Pandawa beach road.

The road to Pandawa beach can be intimidating because, there are lots of sharp inclines and steep bends adorning this area. apart from ngurah rai, travel buddies can also surpass it from Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

By route, Uluwatu road towards Garuda Wisnu Kencana. Then, head to the stone pageh temple road, and finally arrive at the Pandawa beach road. The route taken is still decorated with steep and winding roads. However, it is more friendly than from the Ngurah Rai airport.

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Entrance Fee to Pandawa Beach

The ticket price charged to travel buddies to enjoy all the excitement in this area is 8 thousand rupiah. plus a parking fee of 10 thousand rupiah for a car and also 5 thousand rupiah for a motorbike.

To enjoy the paragliding rides, you will be charged a fee of 400 thousand rupiah. depending on the package selected when enjoying this ride. Well, to enjoy the spot on the beach by sitting and getting a good position.

Travel buddies have to spend 50 thousand rupiah for 3 hours. Meanwhile, to ride a canoe, tourists will be charged a tariff of 25 thousand rupiah for one person. If you add a buoy, you will be charged 20 thousand rupiah per person.

Pandawa Beach Photo Gallery

Pandawa Beach
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Pandawa Beach
Pandawa Beach
Pandawa Beach

Bali does have an incomparable charm. Its beauty makes anyone will be tempted to return to this area. Likewise with pandawa beach this. let’s visit this area and feel a different experience in this leading tourist attraction in Bali.