Parents, Here Are Things You Can Do To Get Your Children To Eat Vegetables – Vegetables are a good source for health, especially in children. Even though it is healthy and has good content for the body, many children have difficulty eating vegetables.

This is what worries parents. If the child is difficult to eat vegetables because they do not like, then how to deal with it?

According to Esa Unggul University Nutrition Program Lecturer and Co-Founder of Sahabat Gizi Community, Anugrah Novianti, parents need to introduce vegetables from a young age.

“So this vegetable must be used to it, even long before the child is born. There is something called taste preference. So, if you don’t have children now, and you dream that your child likes vegetables, then your mother must like vegetables,” he said during the webinar on Balanced Nutrition, Hearts Grow Happy, Sunday (27/2/2022).

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“Because the child has a preference during pregnancy. If the mother likes to eat vegetables, the child will get used to it. It’s like ‘oh the taste of vegetables like this’, so the child has met before during pregnancy, “continued Anugrah Novianti.

Even when breastfeeding mothers prefer to eat vegetables, the child will be able to feel how the vegetables taste from breast milk.

“So don’t be surprised anymore, children will recognize the taste of vegetables when breastfeeding. So from there actually, so it must be given continuously. But the portion should not be too much, so we just introduce the types of vegetables that are given, “said Anugrah.

However, what if the child doesn’t already like vegetables, even though he has entered the teenage stage?

Anugrah said, in that phase, it will be much more difficult for parents to make their children like vegetables. “It’s quite difficult. So if the child wants to like vegetables, the mother must like vegetables in front of her child,” he concluded.

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