Parents Remember Yes! Children’s Happiness Is Not Just Academic Achievements – Having academic achievements can indeed give happiness not only to children, but also to their parents.

However, the Director of Elementary Schools of the Directorate General of Early Childhood Education, Basic Education, and Secondary Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Sri Wahyuningsih, reminded that happiness must be interpreted broadly, not just academic achievement.

“Actually, happiness should be interpreted more broadly, not because of academic achievement or financial ability, but everything that arises from oneself,” Sri said at an online press conference.

Sri invites parents and caregivers to get out of the narrow sense of happiness, then teach the younger generation about the true meaning of happiness by interpreting things that happen in life in a more positive way.

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Happy child with his parents, family.  (Shutterstock)
Happy child with his parents, family. (Shutterstock)

Based on an online survey of 2143 adult respondents in February 2022 from Personal Growth, 61 percent of parents in Indonesia think that their child’s academic achievement in school is an important contribution to their happiness.

However, people’s views about academic achievement factors that are considered important do not contribute significantly to their subjective happiness level. Happiness levels increase when people attach importance to social relationships and have the view that happiness can be earned.

Sri said the happiness felt by children since childhood will have a positive impact on their growth and development. Happy children will be easier to socialize, have empathy, are confident, grow creative and have problem-solving skills. Children who are happy and raised with love can grow up to be strong individuals.

“Happy children since childhood will have a positive impact on cognitive, social and emotional growth,” he said.

The happiness of parents that is transmitted to their children will give birth to a golden generation that contributes to Indonesia. He encouraged all parties, both the government and the private sector, to work together to create a happy young generation who will be able to provide benefits to the country. [ANTARA]

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