Peek at the Privileges of Micro Entrepreneurs Who Have Halal Certificates

Jakarta, IDN Times – The creation of a halal product ecosystem is one of the focuses of the Indonesian government. One of the efforts to make this happen is to encourage halal certification on products made by micro and small business actors (UMK).

According to the Commercial Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia, Saifuddin Wijaya, UMK players who already have a halal certificate can also advance to class, because they will get privileges.

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1. A series of privileges that can be obtained by MSEs

Peek at the Privileges of Micro Entrepreneurs Who Have Halal CertificatesPT Surveyor Indonesia together with KADIN held a Halal Certification Socialization by LPH Surveyor Indonesia for (UMK) assisted by KADIN. This activity was held virtually on Tuesday (8/3). (doc. PT Surveyor Indonesia)

By pocketing a halal certificate, MSEs can get privileges such as access to sell their products for the procurement of government goods and services.

“After receiving halal certification, MSEs can encourage the creation of a national halal product guarantee ecosystem and get the privilege to be involved in government procurement of goods and services as well as in the SOE Digital Market (PaDi) marketplace,” said Saifuddin in an official statement, Wednesday (9/3). /2022).

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2. There is a socialization of halal certification for micro business actors

Peek at the Privileges of Micro Entrepreneurs Who Have Halal CertificatesIllustration of SMEs. (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

To encourage MSEs to register their products in the halal certification program, PT Surveyor Indonesia together with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) held a Halal Certification Socialization by the Indonesian Surveyor’s Halal Guarantee Agency (LPH) for Micro and Small Enterprises (UMK) assisted by KADIN.

The socialization activity was attended by more than 300 MSEs assisted by Kadin and MSEs spread throughout Indonesia. The resource persons presented were the LPH Auditor of PT Surveyor Indonesia, Anggraeni Wulansari. The theme discussed is how to increase the potential of MSEs and programs as well as the benefits of free halal certification.

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3. It is targeted that 10 million micro-entrepreneurs will have halal certificates

Peek at the Privileges of Micro Entrepreneurs Who Have Halal CertificatesHalal Illustration (IDN Times/Arief Rahmat)

As independent assurance Nationally, Surveyor Indonesia is ready to support the implementation of the halal certification program which is currently being pushed by the government. The target is that 10 million MSEs can get halal certificates.

“This socialization activity aims to accelerate the implementation of the Free Halal Certification program for MSEs and is expected to encourage an increase in the scale and quality of achieving the target of 10 million MSEs that have certified domestic halal products by encouraging literacy affordability of free halal certification to MSEs in various regions and regions,” Said Saifuddin.

Meanwhile, Anggraeni Wulansari said that currently there are several programs to optimize MSEs, one of which is socialization through webinars.

“In an effort to recover the economy and support MSEs to continue working during the pandemic, Surveyor Indonesia always provides free technical guidance support (BIMTEK) for MSEs selected by LPH Surveyor Indonesia,” said Anggraeni.