Persija Disappoints, Jakmania Sues Bambang Pamungkas

Jakarta, IDN Times – Chairman of The Jakmania, Diky Soemarno, admitted that he was disappointed with the performance shown by Persija until the fifth series of Liga 1 2021/22. According to him, there must be a total overhaul that is carried out so that something similar does not happen next season.

“The target of the top three is definitely lost. There must be accountability. There are many forms of responsibility, one of which is an reshuffle in the team. The Jakmania demands that the reshuffle must occur next season,” said Diky at the Twin House Blok M, Jakarta, Tuesday (8/3). /2022).

1. All elements in the team must be evaluated

Persija Disappoints, Jakmania Sues Bambang PamungkasPersija Jakarta in Liga 1 2021/22. (

Diky also revealed that all elements in the team must be evaluated, including the team manager, Bambang Pamungkas. According to him, Bepe, Bambang’s nickname, must be responsible for Persija’s poor performance this season.

“Bepe must also be responsible, moreover the manager has a role in forming the team. So I think, Bepe as a manager must be evaluated, why Persija can be in a situation like this,” said Diky.

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2. Diky saw there chemistry which is not formed

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Persija Disappoints, Jakmania Sues Bambang PamungkasPersija vs Persib. (

Furthermore, Diky said there are chemistry who were not formed in the Persija squad this season. He opinionated, chemistry this disappeared after the Kemayoran Tiger squad won the 2021 Menpora Cup title. In fact, the material for Persija’s players was good.

“To maintain chemistry, that’s the job of all elements in the team, including the fans. So I think, as a supporter, I felt too complacent when I won the Menpora Cup 202. We have to keep Persija at a high level,” said Diky.

3. Persija fell outside the top five

Persija Disappoints, Jakmania Sues Bambang PamungkasArema vs Persija. (

Persija’s appearance this season is far from slick. Until week 29 of Liga 1 2021/22, they are still in seventh place in the standings, with 38 points. The difference in their points with teams in the top five is very far.

Persija often lose points in important matches in Liga 1 2021/22. Not to mention, there were indeed some players who showed poor performance, which in the end affected the appearance of the whole team.

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