Philippines Agrees Minimum Age Of Sexual Consent 16 Years

Jakarta, IDN Times – The Philippine government on Monday (7/3/2022) officially increased the minimum age for sexual consent (sexual consent) from only 12 years to 16 years. This is done in response to the high number of cases of sexual violence against children and to avoid efforts to exploit children.

Previously, the Philippines was known as one of the countries with the lowest sexual consent rates in the world. However, this increase in numbers makes Angola the country with the lowest sex approval rates.

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1. Age change of sexual consent applies to all genders

Philippines Agrees To Raise Minimum Age Of Sexual Consent To 16 YearsPhilippine President, Rodrigo Duterte. (

The ratification of this new law was signed directly by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday (7/3/2022). In fact, he said that this new policy was useful for protecting children and preventing them from being victims of rape or sexual violence.

This legal change also does not look at a specific gender which means that both men and women have consent at the age of 16 years. With the passing of this law, adults who have sexual relations with children aged 16 years and under, are considered to have committed rape.

However, if the age difference between the two parties is only three years or less, the intimate relationship can be categorized according to agreement. In fact, it does not include acts of harassment or exploitation Reuters.

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2. Low sexual consent is prone to violence against children

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Reported viceone of the human rights enforcement organizations in the Philippines, The National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers admitted that they are happy and appreciate this legal change.

“We welcome the development of the law and hope it can help protect girls from cases of rape and sexual violence,” said Josalle Deinla, a spokeswoman for the organization.

The Philippines is known as the country with the lowest age of sexual consent in the world, only above Nigeria. According to data from the UNICEF Women’s Center, seven out of 10 rape victims in the Philippines are children.

In fact, one in five respondents aged 13 to 17 years reported having experienced sexual violence. Meanwhile, one in 25 respondents had been forced to have sexual relations even though they were still children.

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3. Some countries with the lowest age of sexual consent

Besides the Philippines, Angola is known as one of the countries with the lowest sexual consent in the world, at the age of 12. While Nigeria is often said to have the lowest age of sexual consent of 11 years, in fact the African country has the age of consent above 18 years.

Meanwhile, in a row of developed countries, there is Japan, which enforces sexual consent at the age of 13, which the law has been in effect since 1907. Meanwhile, several African countries, such as Niger, the Comoros Islands, and Burkina Faso, also have a low age of sexual consent at the age of 13. year.

On the other hand, human rights protection activists in the Philippines have been encouraging and seeking to increase the legal age in their country since the 1980s. The reason is that the old law actually protects sexual predators and perpetrators are able to force 12-year-old children who are victims to remain silent. CNN.

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